How to Choose an Archery Bow

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How to Choose an Archery Bow

When considering the sport of archery, it is important to have the proper bow first. There are three main types of bows and each have a different purpose. Beginners can visit a local sporting goods store, an archery range, or shop online on sites like eBay to find a bow. Before buying a bow, there a few things to consider first, such as type of bow, draw length for bow, and your eye dominance.


Type of Bow

There are three main types of bows: recurve, compound, and traditional. Price ranges vary depending on the material the bow is made from. But more important than price and material is deciding which one is best for the archer.
To decide on a bow type, first consider what the bow is going to be used for. Is the archer interested in shooting at a target, traditional archery, field archery, 3D archery, or bowhunting? For target shooting, which is what Olympic archers do, choose a Recurve Bows. This is the only type used for Olympic style competition. If the interest is field archery, which involves shooting at targets at vary distance, you can choose a recurve bow, compound bow or traditional bow. For 3D archery, shooting at life-size models of animals, choose a recurve bow, compound bow or traditional. Finally, bow hunters can use any type of bow. So, if the archer is not planning to be a target competitor, the style of bow is up to the archer’s preference.

Draw Length for Bow

After you decide the type of bow, the next step is determining the draw length. Draw length is the distance from the front end of the arrow shaft to where the bow is drawn. If the draw length is either too long or too short, the archer will have trouble shooting properly. The proper draw length improves shooting accuracy, proper form and shooting consistency.
To find the perfect draw length, it is best to get fitted by a professional, but there is a way to determine it at home. To find out your draw length, first determine the archer’s wingspan. Have the archer stand with arms out to form a T. Measure from the longest fingertip on one hand to the longest fingertip on the other.
Keep in mind; if this purchase is for a young archer, the draw length may change as the archer grows. But do not be tempted to get a larger draw length for the child to grow into. Choosing the correct archery bow with the correct draw length is important for young kids starting out in the sport. Remember, the correct draw will aid in accuracy, consistency, and shooting form.

Eye Dominance

Next, you need to decide your eye dominance. Most people have one eye that is stronger than the other. The dominant eye is not always on the same side as the dominant hand. Follow these five steps to determine eye dominance.

  1. Start by standing between 10-20 feet away from an object.
  2. Hold both hands in front of you at arm’s length.
  3. With both eyes open, make a 1-inch circle around the object with both hands.
  4. Keeping the object in sight, pull hands back slowly to face.
  5. The hands lead to the dominant eye.

If it is hard to determine the dominant eye, then choose the dominant hand.


How to Buy an Archery Bow on eBay

eBay gives you the ability to shop at home for an archery bow. Once you know the type and draw length of the bow, you are ready to start shopping. Bows are made in variety of materials and price ranges. You can also shop for archery accessories such as arrows, targets, and bow quivers. When choosing which seller to buy from, it is important to read the feedback given from previous customers about eBay sellers. This will help if you need to choose between multiple sellers offering the same or similar items.

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