How to Choose an Arrow for Archery

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How to Choose an Arrow for Archery

The historical use for archery was hunting or warfare, but in later times it also became a recreational activity. The sport involves aiming and propelling arrows with a bow toward a specified target. Those who participate in the sport, whether for hunting or recreation, use either compound or re-curve bows. Archers should choose an arrow based on material makeup, length, and shaft pattern. Choosing a proper arrow should coordinate with a person's shooting needs, experience, and type of bow they use.


Shooting demands

The first thing bowmen must consider before choosing a proper arrow is the reason for learning archery and what they plan to use the bow and arrow for in the future. Some people learn archery to improve hunting skills, while others choose to participate in the sport solely for recreational purposes.

The feature of the arrow corresponds with the shooting demand. For instance, target shooters need a lightweight arrow that can travel long distances and reach a small mark with accuracy. Specific spine and arrow length plus certain materials are beneficial for different archery uses.


Spine and arrow length

Arrow accuracy highly depends on the length of the spine and arrow. The spine is the measurement of how easily the shaft bends, and the arrow length is how long the shaft is. Each factor plays into how quickly and deeply the arrow penetrates the target.


The static aspect of the spine refers to how much the shaft resists bending. Diametre, cross-section shape, and material thickness all play into the static aspect. A thin and bendable shaft is ideal for a lightweight and dependable dynamic, while a durable shaft works well for a heavy and deep dynamic shot. The static aspect determines the standard for predicting the dynamic of the spine.


The static spine of any arrow remains the same, but the dynamic spine can change according to how it is used. The dynamic represents how the arrow bends and moves when shot. Generally, the rule states that a more powerful bow bends an arrow more. Therefore, a stronger bow requires a stronger arrow. Matching materials with coordinating bow strength prevents arrow breakage and delivers a clean and controlled shot to the intended target. The dynamic spine requires the archer to find an arrow of the appropriate material for the predetermined usage.


Archers should find an arrow that has a length slightly longer than the draw length. This is because the point is always in front of the bow. A longer arrow length prevents it from catching in the shelf or drawing ahead of time. Users should keep in mind that longer arrows indicate a weaker spine. Archers should choose a length that coordinates with the amount of force and durability required.



The type of arrow material affects its performance. Materials include wood, carbon, aluminium, and fibreglass. Archers can review the features and uses of each to determine the best type for their needs.


Wood arrows are less expensive than other options, but require more maintenance for optimal shooting. Heavy weight and quiet travelling are the main benefits of wooden arrows. They are ideal for shooting large animal targets that run from sharp noises in the wild.


Carbon arrows are straighter and more durable than wood, but they are not as quiet. Users can easily customise carbon arrows with varying nocks, inserts, weight systems, and adapters. It is possible to choose different weight levels of carbon arrows for different uses. They generally feature a small diametre for clean and precise penetration.


Aluminium arrows are heavier than wood or carbon varieties but bend easier than most shafts. Users can straighten the shaft, however, if the bend is slight. The selection is small, but the arrows are trustworthy.


Fibreglass arrowsare the most durable type. This makes them suitable for beginners who may break arrows at a high rate. The material is heavy, so they work well for hunting large game.


How to buy arrows for archery on eBay

Shopping on eBay is an excellent way to find different types of arrows for archery needs, including hunting and recreation. Use the search bar on any eBay page to look up broad keywords, such as "archery arrows". Narrow down the results with detailed wording, such as "fibreglass arrow". Review the seller's page for detailed information, pictures, and shipping information. Some sellers, such as local sellers, offer free shipping to save you more money. After determining the perfect arrow for your archery needs, you can easily find the product you are looking for.

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