How to Choose the Best Lights for Your Road Bike

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How to Choose the Best Lights for Your Road Bike

Nobody wants to be at the whim of Mother Nature’s schedule when biking. The addition of a light to a bike gives the rider the freedom to ride twenty-four hours a day with no time limit. The light affords safety so drivers can see the bicyclist, and the light also lets the biker see where he is going once night falls. In many areas, the government also requires that all riders have a light when cycling after dark.


Front and Rear Lights

The biker will want to fit his bike with both front and rear lights for optimal visibility and safety. The bike light should be waterproof to protect it in rainy, wet weather.

Front Light

Usually the front light is white. White light lets other drivers and riders know that the bicyclist is coming head on. It also offers good illumination for the road ahead. It is normally centrally located on the bike’s front and is mounted at least 1500 mm from the ground. Usually, the light must emit at least 400 lumens to ride safely on a dark road. Flashing lights can be used, but it is highly recommended that if a rider is riding in a place that is not illuminated by street lights that he have a steady light source. The rider will want to affix the light so its beam points towards the ground and does not blind drivers.

Rear Light

The rear light should be red in colour to let motorists know they are approaching from behind the bike. Ideally, the rear light should be mounted in the centre of the bike between 350 mm and 1500 mm from the ground. The light can either flash or remain steady. Additionally, it is recommended that anyone riding at night also have a rear reflector and four pedal reflectors for safety.


Battery Capacity and Light Bulbs

The more battery capacity the light has, the better. Most road bike lights last at least one hour. A light with removable batteries is ideal because the rider can carry additional batteries to swap out. Some lights are rechargeable, and even feature a gauge to let the rider know how much power remains before the light must be recharged. Most modern bike light bulbs are LEDs or light emitting diodes, which can last for years before the rider has to worry about them burning out. If the rider desires a brighter light than an LED, he may want to consider purchasing a high-intensity discharge (HID) light, but they tend to cost more than LEDs.


Light Types

There are several types of lights that a bike rider should consider purchasing and carrying with him if he plans to ride after dark.

Emergency Lights

Emergency lights are small and easily fit into the rider’s pocket. They tend to flash and should be only used in an emergency situation when all other lights have failed.


Flashers are small lights, and are usually LEDs. The lights flash while emitting a low light beam. They are ideal for a rider who is not planning to ride when complete darkness arrives, but only needs a light in dawn or dusk for a short time period.

Standard Lights

The standard light can be clipped on the front of the bike, or clipped on the rider’s helmet as an extra light source. They run off batteries, but some models are rechargeable.

Rechargeable Lights

A rechargeable light tends to cost more money than standard lights, but may save money in the long run due to the lack of battery purchases. The rider should also familiarise himself with how long the light will reliably hold the charge before it depletes and turns off.


Finding a Road Bike Light on eBay

A buyer can easily locate any type of road bike light on eBay. He can enter the desired type of light into eBay’s search engine to bring up a wide array of lights. The buyer can further narrow results by putting in must-have criteria on the left side of the screen.
Sellers offer lights for auction, and in some cases they feature a “buy it now” option which allows a buyer to instantly purchase the light. Prior to making a bid, or buying a light, the buyer should look at postage to see what the total price of the item will be. The buyer can also check the seller’s feedback score, and read comments made by past customers to make sure that the transaction went smoothly. Buyers can find dependable, inexpensive bike lights on eBay to keep them safe when riding at night.

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