How to Choose the Best Recessed Lighting

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Recessed Lighting Buying Guide

Choosing the right lighting is an important step in completing a home’s decor. The right lighting can transform a room and add a perfect finishing touch to most interior designs. Many homeowners, and even business owners, are choosing recessed lighting, lighting that is set flush into a surface, to add a modern and sleek appearance to their rooms. Generally used in the ceiling, it can also be installed other places for highlighting architectural features or displays.

Types of Housing

Choosing the right housing is the first step in finding recessed lights that will work for any given home. This step is not only important when it comes to the overall look of the lighting, but also when it comes to safety. Some housing is more suited to new home construction, while others are better for use with a remodel or when recessed lighting is added to an existing room.

IC Rated/Insulated Contract Rated

This is housing which is designed to safely sit against ceiling insulation. This is usually on the smaller side, making it good for added light in specific areas. Bulbs for this housing are usually 75 watts or under.

Non-IC rated

Larger, and with bulbs ranging to up to 150 watts, non-IC rated housing is not designed to come into direct contact with ceiling insulation. During installation, it is important to leave at least 76.2 mm between the housing and the surrounding insulation.

IC-Rated Remodel

This is the smallest housing, and it is designed for installation in a home remodel. It is safe to come into contact with insulation, and the bulbs can only be 75 watts, similarly to IC Rated used in new construction.

Non-IC Rated Remodel

Again used for remodelling jobs, this type of housing should not come into contact with insulation. Like with the non-rated housing used in new construction, this type of housing should maintain 76.2 mm between it and the insulation, and the maximum wattage for bulbs is 150.



There are also various types of trim that can be used to complete recessed lighting. This is the area of the fixture that can be seen. Finding the right trim option is primarily a matter of taste and the room’s existing decor. There are many types to choose from, but some of the most popular are:


This type of trim aims most of the light downward, making it ideal for lighting entire rooms.


Similar in design to reflector trim, baffle trim traps and shapes light to minimise glare


This trim is made to be adjustable within the housing, allowing owners to move the beam of light to wherever it is needed. This type is often used for spotlights, or as display lighting.


This trim features an interior cone which sits against part of the light in order to direct it to more specified areas of a room.


This trim is designed to keep the lighting fixture protected from water damaged, making this a good choice for bathrooms and other areas where moisture is high.


There are many types of bulbs, each with a specific purpose. While these types aren’t restricted to being used for recessed lighting, they are often used for this type of lighting.

Energy Saving Bulbs

LED, or light emitting diode, bulbs are long lasting and they use less energy than conventional bulbs. This allows these bulbs to save on energy costs, making them an affordable option, despite a larger up front investment. Fluorescent bulbs are also energy efficient, and they are becoming more available and affordable than LED bulbs. Lighting isn’t as bright from these bulbs, but there are newer technologies coming out frequently to help improve their function.

Incandescent Bulbs

These are the type of bulbs many people remember from years past. They are affordable, give out bright light, making them a standard option for many households. That said, they are the least energy efficient, and unlike fluorescent and LED bulbs, they have to be replaced regularly.

Halogen Bulbs

This type of bulb gives off a very bright light, making it good for areas like kitchens where lighting has to be strong, or as spotlights. They tend to heat up quickly, and they are not as energy efficient or long lasting as other high output bulbs, such as LED bulbs.

Buying Recessed Lighting on eBay

One of the easiest and most affordable places to purchase recessed lighting is eBay. This site allows buyers to compare prices and selections between various retailers at once. Major retailers and small sellers all operate through eBay, and all purchases are covered by their buyer protection program, making it an ideal option for buyers and sellers alike. Buyers can find the items they need for new lighting by doing a keyword search using the search bar at the top of the page. Buyers can also go to the Home & Garden page and select Lighting, Fans to find more options.
By comparison shopping online, using a site like eBay, buyers can ensure they get the best deals and find the best selection of recessed lighting to update their homes.

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