How to Choose the Best Spa for Your Needs

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How to Choose the Best Spa for Your Needs

A personal spa is one of the best ways to relax and unwind without leaving home. Many different spas are available for buyers to choose from, and there are some important considerations to keep in mind in order to find the best products available. Buyers should begin by measuring available space and determining the desired seating capacity of the unit. A decision between portable and permanent spas must also be made. Further considerations include electrical hook-ups, service and maintenance options, and the energy efficiency of the unit.

Spas can be purchased directly from manufacturers through their showrooms, at specialised shops, and online. Buyers should investigate the full range of products available to find the best spas for their needs and begin enjoying the convenience and comfort of a home spa.

Spa Size and Seating Capacity

The first thing to keep in mind while shopping for a spa is the size of the unit. Buyers should take a realistic measurement of the available space in their yard or other area before shopping. Bear in mind that people likely need to enter the spa from multiple sides, so it is important to have sufficient space on each side for a person to move comfortably. An easy way to envision the space a spa occupies is to take a piece of string or rope and outline an area on the ground. Try this in several areas to find the best size and fit for a spa.

Once the available space has been determined, buyers should ask themselves how many people they expect to entertain in the hot tub. Most spas list the number of people that can be comfortably accommodated, so compare this information with the available space for the unit and the expected number of guests to choose a suitable product.

Spa Design

The style and design of a spa can vary dramatically from one to the next. They may be built directly into a deck or patio, or they may be freestanding units set up on a lawn or alongside a walkway. Consider portable and permanent units to find the best spa for the needs of the buyer.

Portable Spas

Portable spas are self-contained units that sit above ground. They are relatively light compared to permanent spas and can be moved to a different location, if needed. These spas are the least expensive option available. They are most commonly sold online by independent sellers and can be shipped to anywhere in the country. Portable spas can be set up almost anywhere on a home's property as long as there is access to an electrical source.

Permanent Spas

Permanent spas are built directly into the ground, which usually involves pouring cement into a pit. Due to the equipment and careful placement, it is necessary for buyers to hire a professional crew to install a permanent spa. These units are more expensive to purchase than portable ones, though they are typically high quality products that provide excellent performance.

Spa Electrical Hook-up

Some portable spas can connect directly to a power outlet in a home, while others require a dedicated power source. In the latter instance, a certified electrician must come to the home and establish an electrical connection to the building's power supply. If convenience is desired, look for units that can be plugged in and used right away. Bear in mind that a dedicated power line can heat the spa faster, so the time and money needed for electrical setup may be worth faster set-up times in the future.


Hot tubs require regular maintenance and service to perform at their best. Many manufacturers are authorised to provide local service on the hot tubs they sell, though buyers who cannot obtain this service from the seller may wish to investigate local options beforehand. Calling an independent service technician can be expensive, so it is useful to explore possible options before committing to a purchase.

Insulation and Energy Efficiency

Spas require a large amount of electricity to heat their water. Buyers looking to save on the cost of powering their spa should consider energy efficient units. These spas are fully insulated to help maintain the heat they produce and are usually permanently installed. Many modern spas are also designed with energy-saving technology that can lower monthly bills.

Other Considerations

There are several other aspects of purchasing a spa that buyers may wish to consider. These include the colour of the unit, locking covers, and compatibility with music and television systems.


The interior and exterior of a hot tub can be produced in almost any colour. Most units have a blue or green interior, though buyers looking for something different can usually find a colour that suits their personal tastes. If a portable spa is purchased, look for photos of the spa's exterior before buying. Due to the large size of these units, they can greatly affect a home or yard's appearance. It is, therefore, important to find units that are visually pleasing.

Locking Cover

A quality cover is needed to keep dirt and debris out of the water, as well as keep heat inside. Buyers may also wish to choose spas with a locking cover. This prevents unwanted use of the hot tub and can also protect small children and pets that might enter the spa and become trapped.

Entertainment Centres

Some high-end spas are designed to be connected to audio systems and large HDTVs. The connection points are built directly into the spa, allowing owners to comfortably enjoy entertainment media while relaxing. Many of these spas include waterproof electronics that are safe to use near water.

Lounge Seating

Seating in a lounge spa allows users to fully recline in the hot tub. The floor of these spas is shaped to accommodate a person's body with legs slightly elevated. Spas that have dual lounge seating can provide a great way to enjoy a romantic evening with a partner.

How to Buy a Spa on eBay

A wide selection of spas can be purchased from the sellers on eBay. To find these items, initiate a keyword search from any eBay page. For example, enter "portable spa" to see all items tagged with those keywords. You may refine listings by adding new terms or clicking on any relevant category links in search results pages.

Take the time to inspect item listings and seller profiles before committing to a purchase. Check the full price of the item and any applicable delivery charges. It is also useful to determine the seller's accepted forms of payment to ensure a smooth transaction. Once you have located desirable items on the site, click on sellers' names to see their full profiles. Look for users with a high positive feedback rating and many completed transactions to feel confident in your purchase.


A home spa can be a great way to relax and enjoy time with friends and family. There are many different of types of spas available on the market, and buyers have many opportunities to obtain one that suits their needs. Buyers should begin by choosing units that are an appropriate size for the available space. Consider the number of people that can be seated in the unit, and ensure there is sufficient room around the unit for people to enter. A choice must be made between portable and permanent spas, and buyers should investigate the connectivity of a unit with an electrical source. Energy efficiency and the availability of maintenance may also be important considerations. With these considerations in mind, buyers can find a high quality unit that matches their needs and preferences.

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