How to Choose the Right Athletic Shoe for Your Workout

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How to Choose the Right Athletic Shoe for Your Workout

While the goal of a workout is to enhance muscles throughout the body, shoes are an essential part of a workout. With the right shoes, you can protect your feet from injury. Moreover, feet in the right athletic shoes are more comfortable, which enhances athletic performance. People who are engaged in athletic workouts need shoes that are designed for that purpose, while those who spend more time with weights need shoes that are better for that activity.

One can purchase athletic shoes in shoe stores as well as online via eBay. Regardless of where one buys shoes, it is helpful to be aware of several important factors, including fit, style, and durability. Understanding what makes one shoe better than another for an individual makes it easier to buy the right pair of shoes.

Measure Your Feet for the Right Athletic Shoe

A great way to start shopping for shoes is by knowing what size to shop for. Even those who know the size of their shoes should measure their feet before buying a new pair. Many adults do not realise that feet change size as they get older. Shoes that may have fit once before may not fit a few years later. Feet also change size over the course of the average day. As people walk around and put more weight on their feet, feet spread and become larger. For this reason, the right time to measure one's feet is at the end of the day, when feet are at their widest.

When measuring feet for athletic shoes, it is important to wear the same style of socks that one typically wears. Shoes should fit comfortably, with the wearer able to wiggle their toes easily. Shoes should also be comfortable. Modern shoes do not require the wearer to break them in. One should be able to wear them and feel comfortable right away.

Determine Foot Shape for the Right Athletic Shoe

Not everyone's feet are alike. Even on the same person, the feet can have different shapes. Before buying a pair of shoes, it is important to determine the shape of one's foot. The shape makes a difference in how a person walks, and it makes a big difference in how a pair of shoes wears down. Foot shape refers to arch as well as to the extent the foot rolls inward. Since foot shape has a major effect on the wear and tear that occur on shoes, shoe manufacturers make shoes for specific shapes.

Foot Condition


Area of Shoe Wear


Flat feet that roll inwards

Inside forefoot and outside heel

Underpronation or Supination

High arches that roll outwards

Outer edge of the heel and little toe


Normal arch

Uniform wear

One of the best ways to determine foot shape is to conduct the "wet" test. First, wet the feet, then place them on a piece of cardboard or brown paper. The footprint left behind reveals the amount of pronation and shows how much of an arch there is.

Determine Shoe Style for the Right Athletic Shoe

Finding the correct shoe style depends on one's workout style. Some workouts are relatively stationary and require stability and comfort more than anything else. Other workouts are extremely active and mean that the individual may be jumping, leaping, and changing direction frequently. While different shoes are meant to be used with different sports, few shoes are specifically designed for workouts. For this reason, it is important to find the shoe style that is a close match for a workout.

Running Shoes

Running shoes are meant for running. This means that the focus is on stability and forward motion. They are designed to be lightweight, which means that they sacrifice cushioning and stability on the sides. For this reason, running shoes are not a good choice for tennis or basketball. Workouts that require a person to move from side to side rapidly are not a good fit for running shoes, which work better for stationary activities or activities that require a lot of forward motion.

Tennis Shoes

Tennis shoes are a good fit for many workouts. They offer stability in support from the sides, since tennis players tend to change direction frequently. Tennis shoes are also built to be harder and tougher on the sole and in the toe. However, this can cause damage to soft materials in a gym. Tennis shoes also have a wider sole that makes them stable and good fit for lifting weights or other stationary workout activities.

Cross Trainers

Cross trainers are shoes that are designed for multiple activities. While they may not be the best fit for running, when compared to running shoes, or for tennis, when compared to a tennis shoe, they are a good fit for the average workout. Good cross trainers are highly flexible, with good traction and a high degree of stability. Since cross trainers are meant for a number of sports, they lack the cushioning or ankle support that some people need.

Basketball Shoes

Basketball shoes are similar to tennis shoes in that they are designed for lateral movement. They are also meant to be very stable and provide a lot of ankle support. Basketball shoes tend to be heavy and therefore inconvenient for aerobics or other exercises where it is important to have lightweight footwear.

Aerobic Shoes

Aerobic shoes are specifically designed for aerobic workouts. These shoes are extremely lightweight and incorporate more shock absorption in the sole than other shoes. While these shoes are good for anyone engaged in aerobics, they are not ideal for running or other athletic activities. These shoes are more fragile and wear out much more easily if they are used for intense athletics. They are, however, good for workouts that take place on carpet or other soft materials.

How to Buy the Right Athletic Shoe on eBay

Once you have determined the right kind and size of shoe for yourself, you can start looking for shoes on eBay. Sellers on eBay offer shoes in a wide variety of styles from major shoe manufacturers in the world. A great way to begin your search for the right pair of shoes is by using the search bar on any eBay page.

You may look for shoes based on style, manufacturer, colour, or a combination of criteria. An example might be 'Adidas running shoes'. Remember to look in the eBay Deals section, where you might find athletic shoes listed at discounted prices. Before making a purchase on eBay, it is important to read the product description thoroughly so that you know what exactly you are buying. Also, getting to know the seller's background goes a long way towards making your purchase with confidence.


The right athletic shoe is key to athletic performance, including workouts. With the right shoe, it is possible to prevent injuries as one engages in athletic activity. It is also possible to prevent serious chronic conditions that develop from improper positions or techniques. Everybody has differently-shaped feet, and finding the right athletic shoes starts with knowing about one's feet.

Determining the foot size and the style of shoes that is well-suited to one's workout is extremely important. From there, it is just a question of selecting the shoes. Many styles of shoes are available, but many of them are designed for activities other than a workout. The ideal shoes for a workout are those that offer stability and lateral support. Athletic shoes that are used frequently should be replaced every few months, and thanks to eBay, this task is an easy one.

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