How to Choose the Right Coat for Outdoor Adventures

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How to Choose the Right Coat for Outdoor Adventures

Coats are long garments that are worn either for warmth or fashion. Both the harsh winters and the need for more formal clothing demand the use of a coat, and sooner or later all men need to buy one if the situation demands it. However, the process of choosing a coat can be challenging, especially for first-timers.

A person in search of a coat needs to start by acquiring some basic knowledge about the different types of coats available. There are a few tricks to determining the right size and length, and knowledge on the materials can always be put to good use. All this, combined with a fine assessment of the budget, greatly simplifies the selection process. A well-informed buyer can quickly and easily choose the right coat for his needs.

Determining the Budget for the Right Coat for Outdoor Adventures

Determining the budget before shopping for a coat is highly important. Clothing can fall within different price ranges, so a good assessment of the budget helps narrow down the choices. Always consider the amount of use this item can provide. In regions with long and harsh winters, a good coat is an essential piece of clothing. Be prepared to pay for quality, as these coats can cost the same amount of money as suits. If there is not much use for the coat in one season, opt for a less expensive one. The market offers plenty lower-end coats that look nice and do a good job of complementing formal clothing.

Types of Coats for Outdoor Adventures

Understanding the distinction between coat types can help a lot in the selection process. There are three terms often encountered in coat shopping, and they each refer to a different type of coat. The chart below lists each one.

Coat Type



A long coat with sleeves worn on top of other clothing.


A heavy, bulky overcoat.


A lightweight overcoat

Deciding on a type early on in the search allows the buyer to focus his efforts. Find the one that best fits the needs, and direct the search accordingly.

Material Used in Coats

The type of fabric used plays a large role in both the look and effectiveness of an article of clothing. One of the main functions of a coat is to conserve body heat, and that is in tight relation with the material used. The fabric also determines the weight of the coat, its durability, and its price. All of these are relevant features when it comes to coat shopping, and buyers need to be aware of how different materials measure up. Wool and cashmere are commonly encountered materials in coat design. The table below shows how they compare to one another.




Conserving body heat







More durable

Less durable



More expensive

Usually, the coats that are heavier are the ones that are more durable. Though weight is not a desired feature in clothing, buyers should consider a compromise when it comes to coats, in order to get better quality. Wool jackets are warmer, more durable, and cheaper than those made from cashmere. The quality of the modern wool fabric can match most cashmere coats even in terms of softness.

Premium cashmere still cannot be matched in softness, justifying its higher price tag. However, this material is more fragile, and it usually shows signs of wear on the collar and the sleeves. Those who wish to exploit the benefits of both materials should choose a wool-cashmere blend.

Length of a Coat

How a coat fits is also largely dependent on its length. The same length of coat can fit two people differently, depending on their height. Choosing the right coat is clearly easier if it can be tried on, but there are techniques to determine the coat's lowest point. Find the length of the coat, and then get the measurement from the collar seam downward. This technique gives buyers a good sense of what they are dealing with, and it is highly accurate.

Styles in Length of Coats

Coats generally come in two styles. The full-length coat extends all the way to the ankles, while the knee-high rests just above the knees. Each style has its advantages and disadvantages, and the build of the wearer should always be considered.

The full-length coat is a traditional cut when it comes to coats. It complements a wide range of figures, which makes it ideal for those with conservative tastes. A full-length coat even fits those who are rounder in the midsection, as it gives the body a straight line. These coats are usually warmer, as they cover a larger part of the body.

The knee-high length is a more modern and practical coat style. This cut is ideal for younger men and those who have a more trendy taste. A knee-high coat fits closer to the body, so it usually is chosen by those who have a trim build to show off. It also allows more leg movement and facilitates everyday tasks like getting in and out of the car.

Choose a Size of Coat

Coats are mostly standardised when it comes to size, making size selection a rather easy process. A general rule of thumb is to pick a coat one size greater than the suit size. The layers of clothing underneath can be quite thick, so do not worry about filling the space. A coat that is the same size as a suit can wrinkle the suit with its tight fit. The chart below shows how coat sizes correspond with chest measurements.


Chest Measurement (cm)















It is good idea to measure the chest over the suit to get a more accurate number. Place the measuring tape on the fullest part of the chest, with the tape passing under both arms. Before taking the measurement, make sure that the measuring tape is flat across the back and not tangled at any point.

Finding Coats on eBay

With a variety of models at different prices, eBay offers a wide selection for shoppers who are searching for coats. You can locate eBay's offers on this merchandise by starting at a relevant category, such as 'Clothing, Shoes and Accessories', where you can find coats within the 'Men's Clothing' subcategory. You can employ the filters that eBay provides to customise the results you want to see for coats. Input a price range, or choose a brand or size for the coat you are interested in. You can also filter by material and main color, if you have something more specific in mind.

Alternately, you can use the search bar to locate the coat you need. Using a more precise query, like 'black wool overcoat', generates a relevant and short subset of the offers on the website. Be sure to check eBay Deals as well. This section can have some surprisingly good offers on coats.


Choosing the right coat takes some knowledge on the subject and some planning as well. Assessing the budget for the purchase and knowing the type of coat desired can make the selection process easier. Those who have to face long winters should consider spending more on a quality coat that can last many seasons. Finding the type that appeals to one's personal style, and looking for a model within the budget are part of the process.

The three considerations to be mindful of when shopping for a coat are its length, size, and the materials used. Size and length determine how the coat fits, while the material determines how well it can keep one warm and how durable it is. The choices available on eBay can easily help a shopper find the right coat for his needs, without having to spend a lot of time going from store to store.


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