How to Choose the Right Crushed Mineral Make-up Colour

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How to Choose the Right Crushed Mineral Foundation Colour / Shade for You

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There can be much confusion when it comes to choosing the right mineral make-up foundation to suit you. Many customers have asked us for guidelines on how to choose the right shade from the Youngblood Crushed Mineral Foundation range.

There are 16 shades in total, with each powder being broken down in sub-categories (very fair, fair, medium and dark).

Please keep in mind that mineral make-up is very forgiving, meaning that the minerals actually adapt to your skin once brushed on - so most people can easily wear 2-3 different shades and still achieve a beautiful and completely natural finish.

Another method for choosing the right shade, is finding out if you have ‘warm’ or ‘cool’ undertones to your skin. A quick and easy way is to hold up a piece of white and cream material to your skin and see which colour makes you skin look better.

On the majority of people, one colour will always make you appear to have a healthy glow, whereas another will make you look more sallow.

If your skin has a healthy appearance when you wear cream, then you have ‘warm’ undertones and should choose the products with a ‘pink undertone’

If your skin looks better when wearing pure white, then you have a ‘cool’ undertone and should choose the foundations marked as ‘yellow undertone.’

We’ve listed some familiar faces below to give you a helping hand.

Very Fair

• Nicole Kidman – Pearl, Ivory

• Renee Zellwegger – Cool Beige, Neutral, Pearl

• Marcia Cross – Ivory, Pearl, Neutral

• Gwenyth Paltrow – Ivory, Neutral, Cool Beige


• Angelina Jolie – Honey, Soft Beige

• Andie McDowell – Honey, Soft Beige

• Scarlett Johannson – Honey, Barely Beige

• Sharon Stone – Honey, Barely Beige

• Reese Witherspoon – Honey, Barely Beige, Neutral

• Charlize Theron – Honey, Barely Beige


• Salma Hayak – Toffee,Warm Beige

• Cameron Diaz – Honey, Warm Beige

• Kate Beckinsale – Honey, Warm Beige

• Katie Holmes - Honey, Warm Beige, Tawnee

• Jessica Alba – Warm Beige, Tawnee


• Halle Berry – Sunglow, Fawn

• Beyonce – Toffee, Fawn, Sunglow

• Tyra Banks – Sunglow, Fawn

• Vanessa Williams – Toffee, Rose Beige

• Eva Longoria – Toffee, Sunglow

• Naomi Campbell – Coffee, Mahogany, Hazlenut

In Summary:

Yellow undertones: Pearl, Ivory, Barely Beige, Soft beige, Honey, Warm Beige, Tawnee, Toffee,

Pink undertones: Cool Beige, Neutral, Honey, Tawnee, Rose Beige, Fawn

Bronzers: Sunglow, Coffee

Warm brown for dark skin: Hazelnut

Rich cool brown for the darkest skin: Mahogany

My name’s Kathy and I’m a professional in the health and beauty industry. Thanks for stopping by and reading my guide. For more information drop by my eBay store at and check out what quality mineral make-up should look like.

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