How to Choose the Right Drill for Your Needs

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How to Choose the Right Drill for Your Needs

Different types of drills are suitable for use on different materials, and it’s important for buyers to choose a drill that will fit their needs. There are also a large variety of drill bits that can be bought, and again specific drill bits are meant for use on different materials.

The following guide shall examine the drills most commonly bought, and what the different drill bits should be used for. This guide will also detail on how to find a suitable drill on eBay, as the site has a large selection of new and used models for sale at very low prices.

Types of Drill

Drills are very valuable tools that are often a necessity when undertaking home renovations or DIY work. All drills comprise of the following basic parts:

· A grip that allows the user to hold the drill steady. Some drills have a second grip to give increased accuracy when using the tool, and the inclusion of a second grip is usually influenced by the weight or power of the drill.

· An on/off switch used to give the drill power. Many drills include a second switch that changes the direction the drill bit turns, giving it a forward and backwards function.

· A trigger that is pulled to activate the drill.

· The torque selection ring keeps the drill bit in place when the drill is on. The selection ring allows for the use of various styles of drill bit at different sizes and stays motionless even when the chuck is turning.

· The chuck houses the drill bit and is the component that rotates when pressure is applied to the trigger. The drill bit is the piece that drills the hole.

The different types of drill available to purchase may confuse buyers, and it’s important to be aware of what type of work the drills are suitable for. The following are the most popular drills bought for use in and around the home.

Corded Drill

Corded drills with pistol grips are easily the most common type bought today and small models are available to buy for very low prices. The motors found in most corded drills are universal motors, meaning the drill can use AC and DC power sources.

As the name implies, this type of drill has a cord and must be connected to an electrical main to work. Corded drills come in a range of sizes, but are mainly used for small DIY work.

Cordless Drill

Cordless drills are quite similar to corded drills, but the power is drawn from a rechargeable battery pack found in the base of the grip. The benefit of using a cordless drill is it allows the user to access hard to reach points or places where a cord would not stretch.

Cordless drills are used by manual labourers around the world, and come in a number of sizes. It should be noted that these are significantly heavier than the corded models due to the battery backs.

Hammer Drills

Hammer drills utilise a hammer action that allows the drill to penetrate brick and masonry. Buyers can expect to feel strong vibrations when using a hammer drill, and the hammer function can be turned off when not needed. The two types available to buy are cam-type hammer drills and rotary hammer drills.

The cam-type drills move the chuck and drill bit back and forth, whereas with rotary drills only the drill bit moves. Rotary hammer drills are more suitable for use on harder materials like solid concrete.

Types of Drill Bit

Choosing the right drill bit is just as important as choosing the right drill, because using an inappropriate bit can damage the drill and the piece that is being drilled. Drill bits come in different sizes, so buyers need to check that the bit will fit in the chuck.

Brad Point

These are one of three types of drill bit made specifically for use with wood, and have a small point at the tip of the bit and spurs on either side resulting in clean holes. Brad point drill bits can be used with any type of wood and come in a variety of lengths and sizes.

Auger Bit

Another type made for use with wood; auger drill bits have a very fine threaded point at the top of a spiralling shaft. Auger drill bits are used to cut large and deep holes.

Paddle Bit

The third main type of drill bit used on wood is the paddle bit, and these are identifiable by their large, paddle shaped bore. Paddle bits have very sharp pointed tips and are used to create large and wide holes.

Twist Bit

Twist bits are the most commonly manufactured type of drill bit bought today, and are suitable to use on wood, metal, plastic and plenty of other materials. If buyers are considering using a twist bit to drill masonry then they should look for bits made from tungsten carbide. Twist bits are made in a range of sizes, and the sharpness of the bit will influence its performance.

Masonry Bits

Masonry bits are similar in design to twist bits, but have a flatter tip that allows the bit to withstand the force from being used in a hammer drill.

Glass/Tile Bit

These bits have spade shaped tips that are generally coated in carbide. The shape of the tip ensures that a hole can be cut without causing the glass or tile to crack.

Centre Bit

Centre bits are suitable for metalwork, and are used to create a starting hole that will stop a twist drill bit from wandering when in use.

Core Bit

Again suitable for metalwork, core bits are used to enlarge already cut holes and also to extract core from dense pieces of metal.

Searching for Drills on eBay

Buyers are advised to search for drills and drill bits on eBay, as the site has an unbeatable selection. To search for drills take the following steps:

· First head to the homepage found at, and click on the Home & Gardening title, found below the search bar.

· Next, scroll down to the Tools tab and click on the Power Tools link in the drop down menu. On the following page click on the Drills link, found to the left of the page in the ‘Categories' table.

· This will load the ‘Drills’ listings page, and from here buyers can browse through the various drills for sale on eBay.

· If looking for a specific type of drill or brand, enter this information into the search bar and press enter, e.g. DeWalt Cordless Drill.

· Buyers interested in searching for drill bits should click on the Bits filter, found under ‘Drill Types’ on the left hand side of the page. Buyers should then type the name of the desired bit into the search bar and press enter.

· eBay Deals is a section of the site that contains items for sale at greatly reduced prices, and buyers are advised to always check here for drills on special offer. Simply click on the ‘Deals’ link located at the top of every page, followed by the Handyman title that is found in the Tools drop down menu.


Drills are often a necessary tool used for DIY or renovation work, and it’s a good idea for every household to have at least one. There are a few different drill types, but the main thing buyers need to be aware of is the different drill bits. Bits are made for use on specific materials, and different sizes and designs will result in varying hole sizes.

Always remember, when buying a drill, to purchase the item via PayPal, as eBay’s Buyer Protection Programme will cover the transaction.

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