How to Choose the Right Pair of Underwear

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How to Choose the Right Pair of Underwear

Underwear is not something that many people think about on a regular basis. Studies have shown that people wear the same style of underwear for most of their lives. This is especially true of men, many of whom never bother to find out if other styles or materials suit them. However, the right pair of underwear can make a big difference for a man. Increased comfort from the underwear makes it easier to endure a long day at work, and a better fit makes it possible to relax better. Underwear choice is even said to affect fertility.

When buying underwear, whether it be in a clothing store or online via eBay, there are several important factors to keep in mind. Considering factors such as style, fit, and material makes it easier to select a pair of underwear that really makes a difference.

Styles of Underwear

For men, there used to be only two styles of underwear: boxers or briefs. This has changed somewhat over the years, and now, there are many more options to choose from. Some of these styles are made for practical everyday wear, and some are designed for use in the bedroom. Each style is available in a variety of materials.


Briefs are a classic style that many men find comfortable and practical. Briefs are referred to as 'tighty whities' as they are often white in colour. This style of underwear is marked by an elastic waistband and a fly in the front. Since the design of standard briefs has remained unchanged for decades, they are not considered a very appealing option. They are, however, comfortable, and this is a primary factor in choosing them.

Alternative Briefs

There are options for briefs that are fairly recent in design. Many briefs no longer feature the thick elastic waistband. Instead, the elastic is concealed within the brief itself. Other modern briefs remove the fly, long a standard part of men's underwear. Instead, they offer a pouch that provides support for long periods of standing. This also makes the briefs ideal for athletic activities in which stability and support are desirable options. Some men find that modern brief options too closely resemble women's underwear. For them, standard briefs are still a valid option.


Thongs are technically briefs, but they are not a popular option for most men. For the most part, they are impractical and considered to be uncomfortable. However, their popular use is in the bedroom.

Boxer Shorts

Boxer shorts are also an old standby in the underwear world. Classic boxer shorts are basically loose-fitting shorts with an elastic waistband and a fly. Boxers are loose and airy and are preferred by those who live in warm climates. They are also popular as sleeping apparel for both men and women. Boxers offer the least amount of support and are not recommended for athletic activities.

Boxer Briefs

Boxer briefs are increasingly popular options for underwear. They combine the snug fit of briefs with an appearance that more closely resembles boxer shorts. They are generally considered to be more appealing visually than either boxers or briefs. While boxer briefs offer a lot of support, their length means that they may be seen beneath athletic shorts. For this reason, some men prefer regular briefs. Like briefs, there are more modern options that do not contain a fly.

Materials Used in Underwear

Underwear is made from a variety of materials, most of which aim for comfort. However, there are different kinds of comfort, and the climate has an impact on what makes one pair of underwear more comfortable than another. There are many variations in underwear materials, and since underwear is worn all day next to the skin, it is important to find those made from comfortable materials.


Cotton is the predominantly popular fabric for underwear. Cotton is stretchy and breathable, which makes it comfortable when worn under clothing all day long. However, in many cases, men's underwear is made with a coarse thread, which is meant to be more durable. This is a valuable feature, since most men keep their underwear for a long time. However, coarse thread can be rough on the skin, especially when worn and washed several times.


Synthetic materials are another popular choice for underwear. They are smoother and more comfortable than cotton, providing a silky feel. However, they do not breathe as well and are therefore not ideal for wear in warm weather. Underwear made from synthetic materials is also more difficult to clean and tends not to last as long as cotton.


Satin has become a legitimate choice for men's underwear, although it is not for everyday use and, in many cases, is only confined to the bedroom. However, satin is considered to be extremely comfortable, even when worn all day long. There are many variations in satin, so keep in mind that many pairs of underwear that purport to be satin are in fact made of nylon.

Fit of Underwear

Making certain that a pair of underwear fits is an extremely important task. Underwear that is too tight can be quite uncomfortable. Briefs, which tend to be the tighter style, are known to reduce fertility. There are different areas in which it is important to find a good fit. A roomy pair of underwear means nothing if the waistband is overly tight. Likewise, a large waistband is useless if the underwear is too small. For the most part, there are standard measurements that conform to certain waist sizes.







Waist (cm)






The material used in underwear plays a role in how it fits. Some materials, like cotton, shrink after being washed. Others feel tighter during a long, hot day. Size also varies according to designer or manufacturer. It is helpful to try several different size and material combinations in order to discover what is the right fit.

How to Buy the Right Pair of Underwear on eBay

Underwear is one of the many categories for apparel that is available on eBay. For men, there are different combinations available from different manufacturers. In some cases, it is possible to buy a single pair of underwear. In others, there are packages containing multiple pairs. One way to find the right kind of underwear is by entering a term into the search bar on any eBay web page. A good example might be 'medium cotton boxer shorts', if that is what you want.

You can also adjust your keywords to include additional terms, based on what you need. Another option is to examine eBay Deals, where alternate buying options are available at discounted prices. Regardless of where you find an item, it is important to carefully read the product description in order to determine the condition it is in. This makes it possible for you to buy with confidence on the website.


Underwear is one of the most important articles of clothing for a man, and it is the clothing that comes directly in contact with one's skin. For this reason, it is important to find underwear that is comfortable. In their quest for comfort, men might try different styles. While all styles have their strengths and benefits, most men find one type of underwear that they like and stick with it.

The same is true of materials, as various materials provide different types of comfort that appeal to different men. One thing that is universally true when it comes to underwear is that it should fit properly, as a bad fit can actually be painful. Keeping all of these factors in mind when shopping for underwear makes it much easier to find the pair that can serve well over a long period of time.

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