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How to Choose the Right Running Shoes for Your Feet

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How to Choose the Right Running Shoes for Your Feet

Shopping for running shoes involves more than simply finding an attractive pair of shoes that are the right size. There are many types of feet and many types of running shoes to fit those feet. As a shopper, it is important for you choose right shoes for your particular feet. Not only are properly fitting running shoes more comfortable, but they also help to prevent injuries while running. Before heading to the local shops or online to shop for running shoes, you should take the time to learn about what type of feet you have and identify the different types of shoes that are compatible with your feet. To browse a wide assortment of new and pre-owned running shoes, you should head to eBay.

Identify Your Foot Type

Before considering the various types of running shoes available, you should first identify the shape of your foot. It is the shape of your foot that determines whether a pair of running shoes is comfortable or not. If you have the wrong type of shoes for the shape of your feet, then you may experience pain when running.

To identify the type of foot that you have, perform the 'wet test'. This involves wetting the sole of your foot and pressing down on a heavy piece of paper. Next, observe the shape of your foot to determine the type of arch that you have. Look at the table below, to learn about the different shapes and what they look like on the 'wet test'.

Arch Type



Low arch

Normal roll inward (pronation)

Curved footprint; heel and ball are mostly separated, but connected by a narrow strip on the side

Flat to low arch

Excessive roll inward (over pronation)

Wide and straight footprint; no separation between the ball and the heel

Medium to high arch

Excessive roll outward (supination)

Very curved footprint; heel and ball may be only slightly connected or not connected at all

Feet come in all shapes, ranging from a low arch to a high arch. The shape of the foot affects how the foot moves when taking a step, and thus determines what kind of shoe you need for safe and comfortable running.

Find the Right Running Shoes

Once you have determined the shape of your foot, you can find the type of shoes that offer the best support. Shoes come in many shapes and sizes, just like feet. This means that you should be able find shoes that offer varying amounts of arch support and widths to accommodate foot expansion. When shopping for shoes, you should look at both the type of shoe as well as its shape to determine if it is the right fit for you. If you are partial to one brand over another, top brands like Adidas, ASICS, and Nike all make a variety of running shoes to suit all types of feet.

Types of Shoes

Running shoe come in three basic types: cushioning, motion control, and stability. Each type of shoe has a different effect on the foot as the runner plants his or her foot with every stride. Because feet can roll inward or outward depending on the type of foot, shoes can help correct that by compensating on either side of the foot. It is important to have the right type of shoe to reduce the likelihood of injuries occurring while running.

Cushioning Shoes

Cushioning shoes provide a high level of shock absorption. They are also referred to as neutral shoes because they do not correct foot motion in any direction. Instead, they provide cushioning and support for feet that already pronate normally. With a little bit of support on the outer side of the shoe, people with mild overpronation find these shoes quite comfortably.

Motion Control Shoes

Motion control shoes provide a high level of stability and support for people who tend to roll their feet in either direction when they run. This makes them ideal shoes for over pronators and supinators. They are also ideal for heavier runners and those who have little control over the motion of their feet when they are running.

Stability Shoes

Stability shoes provide the same level of cushioning as neutral shoes, but provide extra support on all sides. They are not as rigid as motion control shoes, but have features to help guide the foot and reduce over pronation. Oftentimes, stability shoes include a medial post to help encourage normal pronation and to provide increased stability and support.

Shoe Shapes

In addition to the type of shoes that you choose, you also need to consider the shape of the shoes. The shape and form of the shoe is referred to as the 'last'. There are three types of lasts: straight, curved, and semi-curved. The straight last is wide and helps to control inward motion. Runners who are over pronators or have flat arches should look for shoes with a straight last. Curved lasts promote inward motion and are ideal for runners who are underpronators or supinators. The semi-curved option sits in the middle. These shoes do not promote movement in any direction and are best for neutral runners whose feet pronate normally.

Find the Right Size

The size for your running shoes may differ from the sizes of other shoes that you wear. It is important that you accurately measure your feet to find the right size to reduce the likelihood of injuries while running. It is best to size running shoes at the end of the day. After being on your feet all day, your feet tend to swell slightly. This also happens when you are running. If you size your shoes early in the day when your feet are at their smallest, then you may end up with a pair of running shoes that are too tight. Likewise, be sure to try the shoes on with running socks or other socks that you plan to wear while running.

Be sure to try the shoes on and see how they fit. If you feel rubbing on any side of your foot, then you should try a different pair. Even minor rubbing or discomfort should be addressed. With repetitive rubbing, this minor irritation can quickly turn into a blister.

How to Buy Running Shoes on eBay

You can find a large selection of running shoes, as well as a number of great deals on running shoes on eBay. Start your search by typing 'men's running shoes' into the search bar found on the homepage. From there, select different categories and options to narrow down the selections based on your needs. You can select the colour, brand, size, material, and more. Select a price range and then sort the listings by price to help you target the shoes that fit within your budget.

Before choosing a pair of shoes to buy, take the time to read the item descriptions carefully and look at the images provided by the seller to examine the condition of the running shoes. When you have narrowed down your selections to just a few, be sure to compare seller ratings to find eBay Top-Rated Sellers or those that have solid reputations on eBay.


Running is a great form of exercise, and to get the most out of it, you need to be sure that you have the right shoes for the job. When it comes to running shoes, the brand and how they look are not the most important factors to consider. In order to ensure that running is comfortable and that you do not increase your chances of injury, you should take the time to learn about the different types of running shoes and the different types of feet. Start by learning what kind of foot you have and how your particular feet behave when running. From there, you should be able to choose the type of shoe that best meets your running needs. Shopping for running shoes goes a lot easier if you use eBay's easy-to-use search platform.

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