How to Choose the Right Sofa Set

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How to Choose the Right Sofa Set
Choosing a new sofa set might sound like an easy task, but with so many sofa sets available, shopping can be an overwhelming experience. Buyers need to think about colour, style and size before they open their wallets. Understanding all of the factors involved in selecting a sofa set will help them narrow their choices.


Measure the Space

The most important consideration when buying a new sofa set is size. It’s disappointing to fall in love with a particular set only to find that it won’t fit into the lounge. That mistake can be avoided if buyers measure the space available in the room before shopping for a sofa set. It’s a good idea to cut out paper outlines in various sofa and chair sizes to determine how a particular set will fit in the room.


Choose a Colour

Colour is another important factor when choosing a new sofa set. The colour of the new set should complement the colour of the room. Nearly any colour looks good against white walls, but the sofa selection process becomes a little more difficult when buyers need to choose a set to match or complement a very specific wall colour or want to match the colour of their existing furniture. Patterns can liven up a room, but multiple patterns that are too loud or busy can be overwhelming.


Pick a Style

Choosing a particular style can help reduce the choices when selecting a sofa set. Sofa sets are available in a variety of styles, including contemporary, formal, traditional, casual, rustic and transitional. Before shopping, buyers should think about how they will use the room and the sofa set. A traditional sofa set might be appropriate if the buyer prefers a decor with a formal theme, while families with young children might prefer a more casual sofa set. Buyers must also decide if they want a set with separate pieces or prefer the look of sectional furniture.


Consider Comfort

Hard and uncomfortable furniture won’t get much use. If the set will be placed in a seldom-used room, appearance might be more important than comfort. However, if the buyer expects to use the set every day, it’s important to consider comfort when making a choice. Cushion density affects comfort. Down cushions are very soft, but must be plumped often. High-density foam is harder, but cushions made from this type of foam hold their shape longer. The addition of feathers or down to high-density foam makes this choice more comfortable. Spring down cushions are soft and supportive. Layers of foam, polyester fibre and down ticking surround a coil spring unit. Sofa sets constructed with low-density foam or dacron are less expensive, but the cushions can quickly become flat.


Choose a Fabric

Selection of the right fabric is also very important when selecting the right sofa set. Fabric helps give a sofa set a distinctive appearance. Buyers can choose from a range of fabrics, as shown below.

Natural Fabrics

  • Leather – Leather is very durable and rarely stains if buyers quickly wipe up spills. Leather furniture does require regular cleaning and conditioning. If leather isn’t conditioned, cracks can develop.

  • Cotton – Cotton is used alone or blended with other fibres. Durability depends upon the type of weave used. Damask weaves are silky and are often found on traditional yet formal styles, while sailcloth and duck are sturdier and often used in casual furniture.

  • Silk – Soft silk looks luxurious, but isn’t a good choice if children or pets will use the sofa set.

  • Linen – Linen is an attractive option for formal sofa sets, although it can wrinkle and show stains.

  • Wool – Wool is a very durable fabric. When it’s used to make sofa sets, other kinds of fabrics are usually used to increase comfort.

Manmade Fabrics

  • Acetate – Acetate looks like silk. Although it’s more durable than silk, it’s not a good choice if the sofa set will be used daily.

  • Rayon – Rayon is another manmade alternative to silk. The fabric is durable, although it can wrinkle.

  • Acrylic – Acrylic is the synthetic version of wool that resists wrinkles, stains and wear.

  • Nylon and Polyester – Nylon and polyester are tough synthetic fabrics that are often blended with other fabrics to create a finish that resists soiling, wrinkling, piling and fading.

  • Microfibre – Microfibre sofa sets are made with rayon, polyester, nylon or a combination of these fabrics. Microfibre does not just resist water and stains, but is also available in a variety of finishes, including duck, suede, silk as well as twill.


Buying a Sofa Set on eBay

eBay offers an array of sofa sets to fit any budget or preference. To view available sofa sets, buyers can click on “Home and Garden” on the eBay home page, then “Furniture,” followed by “Sofa, Couches,” and “Suites.” Buyers should also ask questions regarding the age and condition of the set, in addition to the fabric type and dimensions, before purchasing a sofa set.

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