How to Choose the Right Suite for Your Needs

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How to Choose the Right Suite for Your Needs

Suites are the most predominant furniture associated with living areas, so therefore it is important to find out that is going to suit all individual requirements. So whether wishing to snuggle up with a partner on a cosy feather padded suite, or have children that wish to roll around on an easily cleaned leather covered suite, eBay has a large range of suites available at affordable prices.

This guide will inform users about different types of suites, and considerations to make when buying the most suitable one. It is will also advise users on the best way to search for and purchase suites on eBay in the simplest and safest fashion.

Types of Suites

Suites are designed to seat more than one person that is partly or wholly upholstered, and often fitted with springs for extension that creates comfort. Suites are mainly found in living areas of homes, but are sometimes featured in hotel lounges, waiting rooms, and some similar establishments. They are mainly used for sitting, but are often used for lying down too. Some suites offer the feature of reclining, and are often equipped with a pop-out footrest.

Suites refer to a set. That set can consist of a number of combinations. For example;

· Three-Piece Suite: Sofa and two chairs, two sofas (often different in size), and a chair.

· Two-Piece Suite: Sofa and chair.

· Stools: Some suites offer furniture included in a set such as footstools.

· Suites: Additionally, depending on what is available, suites can be selected according to what a buyer wants, whether that is two sofas and two chairs, or three chairs and one sofa.

Suites can also refer to a set of table and chairs used for dining or relaxing in other areas, such as in a garden or conservatory.

Considerations to Make When Buying the Right Suite to Suit Your Needs

There are a number of factors that will affect the purchase of a suite. This section will highlight some of those considerations, and provide information on how they affect a purchase, and the best ways to make those considerations.


For suites situated in the home, the consideration as to who is going to be using them often ties into what they are going to be used for. If there is someone in the home who enjoys lying down, relaxing and watching television, it would make sense to focus on comfort, and possibly the option to recline and use an attached or additional foot rest/stool. For families with young children, consider whether they are likely to play on the sofa. For sofas situated in communal and public areas, consider what type of set will be best, and consider buying multiple sets.


Suites offer coil springs and zigzag springs. Zigzag springs are easy to construct and tend to be less cost effective. They offer comfort and even weight distribution, but are usually less long lasting. Coil springs also offer comfort and easy weight distribution, but are long lasting. They are, however, difficult to construct.


Consider a size that is going to fit all persons using the suite. For larger families, consider two three-seated sofas, and for smaller families, couples or individuals, the likes of a two-seated sofa and a chair may be sufficient. Another size consideration is the size of the room/space in which a suite is going to be situated. Be sure to take all necessary measurements and take note of a suitable amount of space around the suite. Suites are offered with various designs that can often be space saving, for example, corner sofas.


The consideration for material refers to both the inside of a suite and the outside of a suite. Below is a list of some of the materials offered and some of their important specifications:

· Inner material (padding)


Comfort and Support Level

Moisture resistance



Rubber Latex



Medium level


Polyurethane foam



Varies – soft to firm





Soft - medium


Polyester fibre

Only good in combination. Poor alone


Soft and easily flattened


· Outer material (cover)






Good – Soft

Easily stained/marked, can pull



Medium – Flexible, can cause discomfort when hot

Durable, easy to clean, waterproof


Faux Leather


Easy to clean, not long lasting



Medium – Unnatural feel

Easily stained/marked



Appearance is often the first consideration that buyers make when searching for a suitable suite. Appearance is important, given that suites play a predominant part in the home life and are expected to last for a number of years. Consider the fact that darker colours may be more suitable for families with children. Consider the existing décor or desired colour scheme for the purpose of matching.


Although maintenance has already been touched on in this section, it is important to consider how a suit can be kept clean and in good condition for an extensive period of time. Pay close attention to materials, and designs.

Accessories for Your Suite

eBay offers a range of accessories to maximize relaxing experience, in addition to helping with maintenance and looking attractive. Those accessories include:

· Cushions: Offered in an array of materials and sizes, eBay has a number of cushions to suit individual comfort.

· Cushion Covers:Cushion Covers come in a number of materials, and colours and patterns to put the finishing touches on the perfect suit.

· Throws:Throws are useful to protect suites and are offered in a number of materials and designs.

· Protective Covers: Protective covers allow ease for maintaining a suite, often made from plastic.

· Cleaning Materials: Additional maintenance help, cleaning materials will suit some of the easy to stain and difficult to clean suite cover materials.

Using eBay to Buy the Right Suite for Your Needs

This section informs users how to find and buy the right suite using eBay.

· After all of the necessary considerations have been made, bring those decisions to eBay for a quick and easy search. Start by selecting the Home & Garden category. Select Furniture, Sofas, Couches, and then Suites. All relevant products with reside within this category.

· Utilise eBay’s search filters that relate to the way a suitable suite is purchased. For example, condition, location, and format.

· Before committing to a buy, look at a seller’s feedback to determine their reliability. Read any negative comments left to be sure other users have not experienced problems when buying suites.

· Leave feedback of your own that honestly reflects the transaction, to help future buyers with their purchasing decisions.

· Don’t forget to check out eBay Deals for additional price reductions and special offers. Select the Home & Lifestyle category, and then Furniture.

· Once committing to the purchase of a suitable suite, use PayPal to make a simply and safe payment.


Suites come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials, in a number of different colours, with a range of patterns and designs. Fortunately, finding the right suite to suit all individual needs of a buyer will not be difficult with eBay’s huge suites on offer, at affordable prices. Also on offer are a range of accessories that, as well as adding comfort and protection, can also enhance the appearance of a suite and maximise a relaxing experience.

eBay’s clearly labelled categories and simple search filters make the experience of purchasing the right suite straightforward, without having to step foot over the door. Be confident with a seller and use PayPal to pay. Be familiar with eBay’s terms and conditions.

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