How to Choose the Right Suite for Your Space

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How to Choose the Right Suite for Your Living Room

Creating a living space to gather in, one that is comfortable yet chic and sophisticated, is a daunting project for even the most ardent designers. The most important step is measuring the dimensions of the space in which the living room suite will be placed. Measurements should not only include length and width, but height as well. After completing that first step, shopping on eBay is the best place for buyers to begin their search for the perfect style, type and theme of furniture for their living room suite.


The Function of Suites

The second step in the process of choosing the right suite for the living space is to know how the space will be utilised. Will it be the main gathering space for friends and family to relax, watch the telly or curl up with a book? How about if the room needs to pull double duty and act as a sleeping space for unexpected sleepovers? Conversely, if the space is to be geared towards more formal events such as entertaining clients, associates or coworkers, a more distinguished style might be in order. These are considerations that should be utilised when designing the appropriate suite for the buyers space.


Furniture Categories

A living room suite generally consists of a sofa and/ or a love seat. These can come separately or as modulars that fit together to form interesting shapes. Typically, end tables flank sofas and love-seats while coffee tables take up space in the area between. Large, comfortable single chairs are often a part of a living room suite, as well as floor and table lamps.

The Sofa

The sofa is one of the most typical items in a living room suite. They usually seat at least 3 adults, however some sit up to 4 or 5 adults comfortably. If buyers want an extra bed for overnight guests, that remains hidden, a sleeper sofa might be the perfect solution. Sleeper sofas usually sleep two comfortably and fold away easily during the daytime. However, they are much heavier to move.

The Love-seat

The love-seat is the intimate seat. Smaller than a sofa, a love-seat is big enough for two 2 adults (3 children) and is perfect for small spaces. If buyers want a comfy place to read, perhaps next to a window without much space, a love-seat might be the perfect solution.

Modulars and Sectionals

Modulars and sectionals are the equivalent of legos for adults. These pieces can be bought as a group, but separated out and placed exactly where needed the most. For those who love to change the look of a room from time to time, without having to buy new furniture with each new mood change, modulars and sectionals are an excellent choice for a versatile mind.

The Chair

Chairs can create circles of intimacy or they can separate 1 or 2 people from the rest of the group to create a private conversation area. Styles range from totally utilitarian (bar stool) and stark (simple wood) to plush opulence (chaise lounge) that feels like sinking into a supportive cloud (recliners).


Suite Style

The style of the buyers suite comes from their personal preferences about design and functionality. Buyers can choose to stick with one style throughout the entire space such as contemporary, modern, traditional, art deco, or go for a mix instead and choose based on the size of your space and the individual pieces they favour.


Contemporary style favours the less is more rule with simple block designs, geometric shapes and smoothly simple linear detail. This means that the designs are usually minimalist and sleek, but highly functional. Bold accents of colour are usually layered with neutral tones to add eye catching spaces without feeling cluttered.


Modern refers to furniture that was produced during the late 19th century to the present. The goal of modern design is to capture timeless beauty with spare precision and complete functionality. No frills here. Smooth surfaces and no ornamentation to detract from the accessories that accompany the space.


Traditional furniture has a rather broad definition, but in general it means that the pieces are chosen because there is nothing wild or chaotic about the piece. The entire room matches and exudes a casual elegance. There is nothing out of place or of a different style. In essence, a traditional room is homey, understated and does not jar the senses.


Buying Living Room Suites on eBay

Once buyers have created an account, begin a search by entering a keyword or search term in the search bar. An example would be to enter the term “sofa”, and press enter. This will open up a variety of eBay pages. On the left sidebar are choices such as condition, location, and material that will help narrow the search further. Use this same method for all search queries and buyers will have found the perfect living room suite all in one magnificent place.

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