How to Choose the Right Water Ionizer for You: non-electric

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The most important elements to look for when purchasing a water ionizer

The most important elements to look for when purchasing a water ionizer
Molecular Hydrogen: 
The most important buying point for all water ionizers and alkalizers,  whether they are electric or non-electric,  is whether the system makes  molecular hydrogen or not . 
For 15 years water ionizers were believed to enhance health due to their ability to make high pH water with a negative O.R.P (oxidative reduction potential) Note that the water created by electric systems create high pH water but not high alkaline water. Alkaline water is water with high levels of alkaline minerals. High pH water is water with high levels of hydrogen ions, but these ions may have been created by electrolysis rather than by the addition of alkaline minerals.
New research from Japan has now confirmed the real reason water ionizers work - their ability to infuse molecular hydrogen (H2) into output water. 
Unfortunately although an electronic water ionizer will make molecular hydrogen when new, it will not continue to infuse H2 without regular deep cleaning routines (every 2 weeks) to clear the e platinum coated titanium ionization plates of accreted alkaline minerals. Keeping the ionization plates in an electronic water ionizer very clean is very important but can be quite difficult to do and very water wasteful. A typical bi-weekly cleanse needs to run water through the machine for at least 20 minutes.
Neither negative ORP nor alkalinity is an indication of Molecular Hydrogen in the output water. 
Molecular Hydrogen content of the water can be measured using  H2 Blue Hydrogen Test Drops. 
The more molecular hydrogen a water ionizer can infuse, the more health benefits may accrue. 
Water ionizers filtration ability: is another important aspect to consider in determining which water ionizer to buy.  Most filters inside electronic ionizers are granulated carbon, (Asian origin) which does a basic filtration job taking out chlorine but no chloramines, heavy metals or chloramines. To get better filtration pre-filters need to be used. 
Mineral Build up:  Electronic water ionizers often have problems with mineral buildup on the ionization plates.  When coated they cannot create Molecular Hydrogen.  Even worse - they can clog up with calcium buildup due to calcium in the water sticking (due to ionization).  A special calcium prefilter cartridge or device needs to be used prior to the electronic water ionizer.  
Non-electronic water ionizers do not have the same problem with minerals because they do not concentrate the alkaline minerals like an electric system. 
Installation:  Most water ionizers are installed on the kitchen tap. Some can be put under the sink with a special faucet that goes on top of the sink just for the ionized water.  
Cost:  Electronic water ionizers are quite expensive and warranty time and conditions vary.  Some offer a lifetime warranty others 12 months.  Some contain clauses that exclude use in hard water areas. Non-electronic water ionizers offer varying warranties too but repairs for one of these units is usually very easy. 
Filter Life and replacements:    Each water ionizer had different methods for replacing filters. Some are quite hard and some easy.
  •   Ultrastream    Made by Alkaway in a WQA approved factory in the USA. Independently tested for molecular hydrogen and water filtration (including fluoride, chloramines, fluoride and chlorine)  performance. Safety tested for EU standards. All actual test reports can be found on their website.  Easy installation on the sink or under the sink with a special faucet.  Video instruction online. 3 year warranty. Very easy 1 filter replacement.  Filter life and performance tested to 3,500 liters. 
  • Alkastream      Made by Alkaway, now discontinued, in China (identical unit to the MinWell+ below).  Independent filtration testing was done by Alkaway. This unit was tested and does not produce molecular hydrogen. Can be installed on the sink or under the sink. 2 year warranty. Moderately hard 1 filter replacement every 6 months.  (discontinued due to quality concerns)
  •  Minwell+     Made by Meiyu technology in Southern China.  No independent testing for filtration or molecular hydrogen has been done at the time of writing. The Minwell+ is the same as the AlkaStream previously sold by AlkaWay. It comes from the same factory and uses the same filtration and media. Some filter media NSF approved, some not. Non-EPA approved plastics. Considering it is from the manufacturer as the Alkastream (tested to demonstrate no H2 ability)  it can be assumed it does not produce molecular hydrogen. Can be installed on the sink or under the sink. 2 year warranty. Moderately hard 1 filter replacement every 6 months. Tested but the test is not published.
  • AlkaPod and other identical units    Made in China and supplied by many companies. Portable water ionizer.This unit was tested and does not product molecular hydrogen.  Does not filter water.  1 year warranty.  Filter replacement does not apply for this unit.
  •   Hexagon    The Hexagon water ionizer is made in China. Testing information could not be found.  In their advertising it is suggested that Hydrogen is created  but when emailed for information the replies were confused and one of the answers was that they have never tested for Oxygen.  This would imply that the sellers have no idea even what Hydrogen was.  Fairly easy 4 filter replacements.
  • Flo      The Vitev Flo  is  made in the USA.  The website indicates this unit produces a negative ORP and alkaline water.  As it can be installed under the sink with an ordinary faucet (non vented) this indicates it makes no hydrogen. No filtration nor molecular hydrogen testing published.  Medium difficulty replacement cartridge every 6 months (casing can be hard to open to replace the filter).
  • pH Miracle WaterMark  The WaterMark  is made in China.   It produces alkaline and negative ORP water.  Can only be installed on top of the sink on the faucet.   Not tested for molecular hydrogen.  Lifetime US warranty (about 10 years).  No filtration testing done.   4 Filters which are fairly hard to change and need  to be replaced at 3000 litres.  Does not take out fluoride.
  •  ēlita CT-700   Is  made by AlkaViva and made in the USA.  It produces alkaline  negative ORP water. Claims that it make the highest concentrations of Molecular Hydrogen.  Was sent for testing by Tyler Le Baron in 2015 but not test results published. Can be installed under the sink with a non vented faucet which means it cannot be producing any molecular hydrogen.  Tested for filtration to 10 gallons.  Filters fluoride and other contaminants.  Easy 1 replacement filter to be changed 6 monthly.  Has a inbuilt electric filter usage counter.

Molecular Hydrogen Testing
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Molecular Hydrogen Testing

Testing for Molecular Hydrogen

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