How to Choose the Right Wig or Hair Extensions

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How to Choose the Right Wig or Hair Extensions

Women can change the way their hair looks easily and painlessly by wearing a wig or applying hair extensions. These hair accessories have come a long way since the days when wigs and hair extensions were notorious for looking fake. Women no longer have to worry about fake looking wigs and hair extensions. Wigs and hair extensions can be worn for fun or to just enhance a woman's natural appearance. Wigs and extensions are worn for different purposes, so before buying a wig or hair extensions, a woman needs to determine which accessory she needs. From there, she can begin analysing the different types and options to find the right wig or hair extensions to achieve a particular look. Whether trying to cover recent hair loss or trying to create a whole new look for an evening out, women can feel confident about wearing today's more natural-looking wigs and extensions.

Decide Between Wigs or Hair Extensions

Wigs and hair extensions are similar, but they both serve different purposes. A shopper must learn the differences between the two so that she can determine which one best suits her needs. The biggest difference between the two is the portion of the head that the hair accessory covers. While a wig covers a woman's entire scalp, hair extensions cover only a portion of the scalp. Hair extensions sometimes might not cover any of the scalp and could simply be used to extend the length of the woman's hair.

Wigs and hair extensions also create two different looks. A woman may choose to wear a wig because she has lost her hair and wishes to cover a bald spot. She might also choose a wig because she wants to create a completely new look without having to make any drastic changes to her existing hairstyle. On the other hand, hair extensions allow women to change their hairstyles without cutting or restyling their hair. Hair extensions are used when a woman already has hair on her head to work with.

Choose the Right Wig

Many women worry about wigs and how natural-looking they appear. While some wigs are meant to look fake, such as wigs paired with fancy dress costumes, most are made to look like real hair. In order to choose the right wig, women need to know what to look for. Prices and quality do vary greatly depending on the wig manufacturer. For this reason, a shopper needs to consider the fibre, length, style, and colour to determine if the wig is indeed what she is looking for.


Wigs can be made from synthetic fibres or from human hair. Some women worry that synthetic wigs look fake. This is not the case at all. With advancements in synthetic materials, these wigs are now very natural looking. Synthetic wigs are also easier to care for. These wigs are referred to as 'shake-and-go' wigs because they do not need to be brushed and styled very often. They are usually already styled and maintain that style with little upkeep.

Human hair wigs offer more versatility than synthetic wigs. These can be styled just like natural hair. However, they require much more maintenance than synthetic wigs. For this reason, women should only choose natural human hair wigs if they have the time and skill to work with them. Human hair wigs are also much more expensive than synthetic wigs.


One needs to consider the length of the wig carefully. A woman who has short hair may jump at the chance to wear a long wig. This should be avoided. Typically, the shorter the wig, the better. It can be hard to style and maintain a long wig. Additionally, the length of the wig may not complement every woman's features. A shopper should try a few different lengths to see which one complements her look before making a purchase.


It is easiest for a woman to choose a wig that is already styled in the look that she wants. However, a wig can be taken into a stylist for a trim or even a colour treatment. While a wig that is already styled may cost more initially, it is cheaper than paying a professional hair stylist to change the wig's appearance.


When choosing a wig to wear for everyday occasions, women should opt for wigs that are closest to their natural hair colour. To do this, a woman should compare different wig samples to her own hair under natural light to ensure the closest colour match. Women who wish to brighten their features can choose wigs that are one shade lighter than their natural hair colour. A woman may also choose to have a wig with blended colours to add dimension to her hair. Women should avoid choosing wigs in colours that veer too far from their natural colour unless they want to draw attention to themselves. While multiple colours are available, brown and black are the most readily available.

Choose the Right Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are popular amongst all types of women. They allow women to quickly and easily change hairstyles. Many women change their hair extensions as often as they do their jewellery. Women use hair extensions to change the length, colour, and texture of the hair. Women who opt for hair extensions should take the time to consider the different types of hair extensions, as well as the quality before making a purchase.

Types of Hair Extensions

Hair extensions can be applied to the hair in several ways. While some methods are best left for professionals, others can be applied by the shopper at home. The table below lists the different types of hair extensions and how they are applied.




Hair attached to a clip or comb; usually large sections of hair; can be removed and replaced as often as desired

Heat Fusion

Hair applied to scalp using a wax or other adhesive that is melted with heat; cannot be removed easily; cannot be styled with a hair dryer or curling iron

Cold Fusion

Similar to heat fusion, but application requires an ultrasound device rather than heat to create the bond; lasts about six months; gentle on the hair


Small sections of hair glued or taped to the scalp; simple to apply; most common type for people who apply extensions at home


Hair extension attached to the hair on the scalp with a small bead; can be styled normally

Another factor to consider when choosing a type of hair extension is whether it is reusable. As seen above, all but two types of hair extensions require a special adhesive or other supplies to apply the extension to the hair. Clip-in and microbead hair extensions can be reused multiple times and either type is a good choice for women who plan to use hair extensions often. However, the types that use adhesives may stay in the hair for longer without the need for reapplication.


Shoppers need to consider the quality of the hair extensions before investing in them. As with wigs, extensions can be made from synthetic fibres, as well as natural hair. Real human hair extensions are more expensive than synthetic, but the quality may be better. Because the quality of synthetic hair extensions varies so greatly, it is important for shoppers to assess the retailer or seller when making a purchase. It is best to choose extensions offered by dealers that specialise in hair treatments.

How to Buy Wigs and Hair Extensions on eBay

You can find great deals on wigs and hair extensions by shopping on eBay. Sellers from all over the country offer a variety of wigs and hair extensions to choose from at prices that are often much lower than what can be had at hair salons. Start your search by entering keywords to describe the wig you want in the search bar on the home page. Refine the results further by selecting the colour, brand, size, fibre, and other options. Once you have a manageable number of listings to sort through, begin comparing the listings for price and quality. Read the item descriptions carefully to ensure that the wig or hair extensions meet your hairstyling needs. To save money on postage, sort the results to show only those listed by sellers who offer free postage. Once you have made your selection, you can quickly make your purchase and have the wig or hair extensions delivered straight to your home.


Wigs and hair extensions are not just worn for costumes and theatre performances. Average women and celebrities alike use these hair accessories to create new looks on a daily basis. With advancements in artificial hair design, these accessories can be used to create a natural appearance that is both flattering and easy to achieve. Wigs and extensions are worn for different reasons, so women should be sure that they understand the differences before making their purchases. These accessories are available in a wide range of styles and prices, so no matter what kind of budget a woman is working with, she should be able to find something that meets her needs. To shop a large selection and find the best prices, shoppers should be sure to check out the listings on eBay.

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