How to Clean Bike Parts

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How to Clean Bike Parts

Depending on how frequently riders use their bike, they need to work hard to keep it clean. Instead of paying someone to clean the bike, riders can do the job at home. With just a few supplies and cleaning techniques, the bike looks as good as new. In addition to buying bikes on eBay, consumers can also purchase cleaning supplies there. To make sure they get the right supplies, shoppers should understand what ones to use and what they clean.


Gather Supplies

The very first step of cleaning bike parts and the bike in general is to gather the supplies. Soap, water, rags, large and small toothbrushes, and a few additional specific tools for cleaning bikes are the basic supplies needed. Having the right tools and equipment for the job makes completing it easier. Knowing what cleaners work on what areas best also makes the job go by faster with fewer issues.


Main Bicycle Parts

Knowing how to clean bike parts is somewhat complicated because of the number of different parts. Some are easy to clean with just a little bit of soap and water while others require specialty supplies.

Bicycle Chain

If using a chain cleaner, fill it up with degreaser. Lock the cleaner onto the chain and follow the directions that came with the cleaner. Usually this means turning the pedals while the chain cleaner works. When clean liquid is gone, dump out the rest, refill it, and then repeat the process a few more times.

If not using a chain cleaner, use an old rag or toothbrush. Prewash the chain by using the pedal to run it along a damp cloth. Then, apply degreaser and let it sit for five minutes before rotating the chain so it has a chance to sink into the debris. Remove excess bike degreaser and dirt using a toothbrush and then dry with a soft rag.

Wheels and Rear Cassette

To clean the rear wheel, use a bucket with degreaser and a rag or old toothbrush. Be sure to get the outer part of the wheel as well as the inner cassette. While cleaning the wheel, let the bike skewers soak in degreaser. Before replacing the skewers, spray some Teflon spray into the hub shoot.

Front and Rear Derailleur

For both the front and rear derailleurs simply scrub using a rag or toothbrush dipped in degreaser. Clean all the small areas carefully and dry off the area with a rag.


Clean the brakes in the same way as the other bike parts. Put some bike degreaser on the old toothbrush and start scrubbing. Be sure to scrub the brake pads as well.

Crank System

It is a bit more complicated to clean the crank system of the bike, as it needs to come off first with a 5 mm hex wrench. Keep track of how it comes apart in order to reattach it afterwards. Unscrew the bolts and let them soak. Scrub the chain with a degreaser before drying it and putting the pieces back where they belong.

Exposed Cables

Always use waterproof grease to clean the exposed cables. Remove dirt and the rust before cleaning the cables and consider buying new bike cables if they are too. Add a bit of bike grease to the exposed cables to protect them from drying out.

Bicycle Seat Post

Remove the bike seat to clean the post. Clean and grease the post before wiping off excess grease. Follow the same process for the headset and handlebar stem.


How to Buy Supplies to Clean Bike Parts on eBay

Whether you need supplies to clean bike parts or replacement parts for your bike, the reliable sellers on eBay offer a wide variety. You can either search for general cleaning supplies or look for a specific product by using a search phrase such as "bike degreaser". In some cases, you may find bundles that include multiple supplies to clean your bike. With the knowledge of how to clean bike parts, you know what cleaning supplies to buy and can have the bike clean and ready for the road in no time.

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