How to Clean Binocular Lenses

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How to Clean Binocular Lenses

Improper lens cleaning leads to the demise of more pairs of binoculars than drops and bumps do. Microscopic scratches on the lenses and lens coatings cause the appearance of halos and reduce the brightness of the binoculars. You can find a variety of binocular lens cleaning kits that contain everything required for proper lens maintenance. To keep your lenses in the best condition possible, choose the right lens cleaning tools and supplies, avoid damaging lens coatings, know how to clean lenses, and protect your binoculars at all times.


Binocular Lens Cleaning Tools and Supplies

Using the right equipment when cleaning binocular lenses prevents scratches and other damage. A binocular lens cleaning kit contains everything you need to clean these lenses. Alternatively, create your own lens cleaning kit by gathering the required cleaning tools and supplies.

A soft brush or compressed air effectively removes dust from lenses without damaging them, and cotton buds allow for exact application of cleaning solution. Avoid using harsh chemicals or regular eyeglass or window cleaner on binocular lenses. Keep a dedicated lens cloth and ensure it is clean before each use. These tools and supplies prevent damage to lenses and lens coatings.


Preserving Binocular Lens Coatings

The incorrect cleaning of binocular lenses can damage the lens coatings. When light enters or leaves a piece of glass, the glass reflects approximately 5 per cent of it. This loss of light occurs every time light enters and leaves a single piece of glass. Considering the number of glass surfaces in binoculars, this can lead to significant loss of light and brightness.

Most binocular models have anti-reflection coatings on the air to glass surfaces that aid light transmission and improve performance. Scratching the lens coating or removing it altogether can ruin a good pair of binoculars. When cleaning the lenses, never rub them before removing sand and other particles, avoid harsh chemicals, and always work as gently as possible. Never rub the eyepieces of binoculars using the corner of a shirt or some other handy piece of cloth.


Cleaning Binocular Lenses

Use a lens cleaning pen, a soft brush, or an air duster to remove loose dust from binocular lenses. Hold the binoculars upside down while doing this to allow the dust to fall away. Avoid huffing on the lenses, because breath contains water droplets that cause spotting. Use a cotton bud moistened with lens cleaning solution to remove any remaining dust.

Remove grease and oil marks using cleaning solution and a cotton ball. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions when using cleaning solutions. Once all traces of dust are gone, wipe each lens with a clean lens cloth. Ensure the lenses are dry before storing the binoculars.

Never use tissues or toilet paper to clean lenses, as these usually contain wood fibres that scratch lenses and coatings. Do not open the binoculars to clean the lenses on the inside either, because this can disrupt the alignment of the optics. Leave this job to professionals.


Proper Binocular Lens Care

Although cleaning is an essential part of binocular maintenance, proper lens care minimises the need for cleaning because it protects the lenses against contamination. Users should keep their binoculars on straps around their necks when using them and in protective cases at other times. Leaving them in hot cars or direct sunlight can melt lens coatings, so store binoculars in a cool, dry place. Consider using separate lens covers for additional protection.


How to Buy Binocular Lens Cleaning Equipment on eBay

eBay sellers offer a variety of lens cleaning accessories and supplies suited to all needs and budgets. Just type your query into the search box atop any page. Be specific when you search to obtain relevant results. For example, searching for "binocular lens cleaner" produces more relevant results than simply searching for a lens cleaner. Select the appropriate category and item specification to narrow your results further. Look for bundles that include different types of lens care accessories, such as cleaners, cases, and lens covers. Taking care of your binoculars significantly increases their lifespan and reduces repair and replacement costs.

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