How to Clean Mattress Stains-Easy Steps You Should Try

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It does not matter if your mattress is new, expensive or traditional; sooner or later this will end up with stains. It is also true that the only person who is in charge of changing your bed sheets is the only one who can see the stains of your mattress, remember ignoring stains will not help you to get rid of it. You yourself can learn how to clean mattress stains, no matter if you use a commercial products or solutions that are probably available in your kitchen.

If you decide to use commercial product solution, you still have to dry your mattress before covering them with clean sheets in order to neutralize any unwanted odors and keep a fresh smelling mattress. Here are some important tips and techniques on how to clean mattress stains on various type of stains.

Here is one of the most important techniques on how to clean stains on mattress for general mattress cleaning. For unknown nature stains, you may use spray citrus based solution products on the spot of the stains and leave them for five minutes to allow the solution to penetrate on the stains. Using a clean absorbent cloth, press the blot area down firmly but don't rub it for about 30 seconds. Repeat this process until the spot of the stain is dry and free from unwanted odor. Using a citrus based solution can be used on all types of mattress stains. But if citrus based is not available, you may use a mild detergent soap as an alternative.

Removal of cigarette odor is simple. Smoking in bed is not recommended. Now if you are not yet ready to change your mattress, you must learn how to remove cigarette odor. And the only solution for this is use a baking soda, sprinkle it on the entire mattress and leave it over night to allow the baking soda penetrate the mattress.

Here is another way of cleaning particular stains such as mildew and molds stains and its odor. In fact, this is one of the most difficult stains to remove from your mattress, especially when molds and mildew have already penetrated deep inside your mattress. In view of the fact that molds and mildews are caused by moisture, this might be positive in developing a dehumidifier, from air conditioner and heater in the room occasionally takes dampness out of the air to avoid molds and mildews from invading your mattress.

Another substitute on how to clean mattress stains caused by molds and mildews is to take your mattress outside and put it to a place that have a strong sunlight. Sweep all the visible molds and mildews and vacuum it with a heavy duty vacuum cleaner. This will allow the mattress to dry and freshen up.

Accidents Happen. This usually occurs involving your small children and pets, urine can actually wet through absorbent materials like mattress. Cleaning mattress with urine stains is difficult especially when wet has penetrated deep into your mattress. This will create bacteria and will allow the mold to grow and create undesirable odor. You can actually rescue your mattress if you know how to get rid of mattress stains. The only way to do this is to blot up the urine using an absorbent cloth. Spray a product such as pet accident wash-up solution or any citrus based concentrate and follow up with blotting and drying technique that is mentioned above and as well as using a white vinegar as one of the alternatives but make sure to sprinkle baking soda after using white vinegar to get rid of the stains.

These techniques on how to clean mattress stains will really help you to maintain your mattress smelling fresh and free from any stains and you will actually allow your mattress to last for a long time, you don't have to buy a new mattress just to get rid of stains. You can actually remove them by yourself and maintain them with the use of techniques given above.


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