How to Clean Ugg Boots

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How to Clean Ugg Boots

The high price of a quality pair of ugg boots, made of authentic sheepskin, means that treating these boots right and keeping them clean is essential. Many ugg enthusiasts take this care to heart, cleaning and maintaining their boots using both routine and one-off techniques. To protect this investment, it is important to learn how to clean ugg boots whether they are a total mess or just a little grungy.


General cleaning and dirt removal

The routine maintenance of ugg boots is part of responsible shoe ownership and, ideally, should take place on at least a monthly basis if the boots are worn often. With these simple cleaning steps, boots stay in top shape regardless of their regular encounters with dirt and grime.

Brush the boots

Begin the cleaning process by removing dried or caked-on dirt with a stiff-bristled brush. Skipping this step means that the existing dirt only gets rubbed in further during the cleaning process.

Gently scrub the surface

Use a clean, damp cloth to gently scrub the outside of the boot. Avoid using excess water, as it simply absorbs into the sheepskin rather than cleansing it. Too much water also has the adverse effect of stretching ugg boots and compromising their shape.

Stuff the boots

To help keep their shape during the drying process, stuff the interior of the boots with newsprint or tissue paper. This ensures that the uppers don't sag as the boot dries, and it further prevents stretching due to water-soaked sheepskin.

Allow boots to dry

Ideally, ugg boots dry in about 24 to 48 hours, depending on the amount of water used during the cleaning process. It is important to wait until the boots are completely dry, inside and out, before wearing them because wet boots stretch.


How to remove stubborn stains

When the stain on a pair of ugg boots is more than just simple dirt and grime, it's best to use a more targeted cleaning method. There is no need to purchase expensive sheepskin cleansers or chemicals, but it is important to tackle deep stains according to their chemical composition.

Cleaning protein-based stains

Glue, blood, milk, and thick mud stains need to be addressed as soon as possible. Use a simple pencil rubber on the area of impact. Then, use a wet cloth to completely soak the stained area only. Leave the stain to soak for a few hours and repeat if needed.

Cleaning grease-based stains

Grease- and oil-based stained are best addressed with a powder, such as talc or cornstarch. To begin, lightly dust the stained area and leave the powder to soak in overnight. The powder should act as an absorbing agent for the grease; although, it may be necessary to repeat the process more than once for stubborn stains.


Important rules to remember

Whilst there are different ways to tackle cleaning issues for ugg boots, there are also some hard-and-fast rules regarding what not to do in order to avoid severe damage to the boots themselves. The delicate nature of the sheepskin lining and suede uppers means that careful, delicate cleaning is a priority.

Do not use the washing machine

At their core, washing machines use high power to launder items. The delicate nature of sheepskin just doesn't mix with the often violent spin cycle of a washing machine.

Avoid direct heat sources

The best way to dry ugg boots is gently. Direct heat sources, such as space heaters, hair dryers, and clothes dryers, are off limits. For the best results, keep boots at room temperature to dry. Also, take care to avoid even indirect sources of heat, such as a sunny window on a hot day.

Take preventative action

Act pre-emptively to avoid major issues, such as stains and odour. Sheepskin protector and interior boot deodourisers and driers can reduce the frequency of harsh cleaning and help make ugg boots last longer.


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