How to Clean Your Car with a JetUSA Pressure Cleaner

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How to Clean Your Car with a JetUSA Pressure Cleaner

For some motorists, washing and waxing the car is the perfect way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon. For those people who see it more as a chore, a pressure cleaner such as the JetUSA 2500 PSI is a useful purchase. With a pressure cleaner, it is possible to clean the car in minutes, leaving it gleaming with a minimum amount of "elbow grease". Knowing how to use a pressure cleaner correctly helps to minimise the risk of injury and ensures a high-quality finish.


Choosing a JetUSA pressure cleaner

A JetUSA pressure cleaner, otherwise known as a pressure washer or jet washer, is a powerful device that attaches to a water supply, and then uses a motor to create a high-powered water jet. AGR Machinery produces a wide range of JetUSA models for industrial and domestic use.

The JetUSA 2500 PSI is a good choice for cleaning the car, as it is powerful enough to tackle any dirt, but it is still lightweight and runs off a main electric supply. It also has two power settings, which is a useful feature.



Pressure washers are a quick and effective way to transform a labourious job into a five-minute exercise. However, there is still a certain amount of basic preparation involved.

Gather essential supplies

The pressure cleaner removes the need for most tools normally associated with cleaning a car. Besides the cleaner, motorists require old clothes, a hosepipe with connector, and a car wash liquid detergent. Wearing old clothes when using a pressure cleaner is a good idea, as users may get wet and dirty.

Find a safe area

The ideal location for cleaning a car with a pressure cleaner is a flat surface such as a driveway, away from the main road and close to an electrical outlet. Cleaning a vehicle in the road could interfere with passing traffic and cause a hazard. Pets and children should keep away from the area while the pressure cleaner is in use, as being hit by a jet of high-pressure water can be painful. When cleaning the car, ensure the engine is off and the handbrake is on.

Assembling the pressure cleaner

A pressure cleaner comprises the main unit, which houses the motor and detergent dispenser, and a hose attached to a water gun. The user should only plug the motor into a power outlet after fully assembling the cleaner to avoid accidentally activating the trigger at an inappropriate time.


Cleaning the car

Having found a suitable location to park the car, it is possible to proceed with the cleaning process. This is relatively straightforward, and only takes a few minutes.

Add the car wash

The JetUSA 2500 PSI pressure cleaner has a built-in detergent dispenser. The user should add the liquid car wash detergent to this dispenser, and then press the power button on the front of the unit. Once the power is on, activating the trigger on the water gun fires a jet of water, so the user should pay attention to where the water gun is pointing upon use.

Apply the cleaning solution

When applying the soap solution to the car, the cleaner should be set to the lowest power setting by clicking the nozzle. The low power setting evenly dispenses the car wash detergent over the surface of the vehicle, while still being powerful enough to start removing dirt and grime.


Once the car is lathered up, the user should switch to the high power setting by clicking the nozzle again. At this setting, a JetUSA pressure cleaner provides 2500 PSI or more, depending on the model, which is powerful enough to blast off chunks of dirt and caked on oil with ease. The result is a dirt-free car that gleams without a lot of intense rubbing, buffing, and polishing.

Powering off the cleaner

When the cleaner is not in use, the user should switch it off by pressing the button on the front of the unit, and then switching off the outlet. This prevents anyone from accidentally activating the cleaner.


How to buy pressure cleaners on eBay

A pressure cleaner is a simple solution for turning the labourious job of cleaning the car into a five-minute task that anyone can do. Fortunately, finding a pressure cleaner on eBay is quick thanks to the powerful search function available on every page. Simply enter a search criterion, such as "JetUSA pressure washer", and then use the filters to refine the list of search results. It is also possible to organise results by price, making it easy to find bargains.

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