How to Clean Your Laptop

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How to Clean Your Laptop

Because a computer is so expensive, it is important to keep your laptop in top condition by performing regular maintenance through cleaning and care. However, because even just the smallest drop of water can ruin a laptop, it is important to use the right cleaning products. For one of the largest selections of laptop cleaning products, look online on sites like eBay for competitive pricing and a great variety.


What Type of Cleaning Product to Use?

While it may be tempting to grab a bottle of window cleaner or to wet a paper towel with water, these are both no-nos when it comes to cleaning your laptop. Use a cleaning product that is made with distilled water or white vinegar for the best effect. Manufacturers like Dell and Apple make a point to tell customers not to use laptop cleaners that contain alcohol or ammonia. In fact, using a product with these ingredients may cause the warranty to be voided. Whether one is cleaning a car DVD monitor or a laptop screen, there are guidesonline with useful tips and instructions. For the keyboard, a can of compressed air should be used to remove excess dirt and debris from between the keys.


Steps To Follow in Cleaning Your Laptop

In order to protect your computer from damage, it is important to follow these step-by-step instructions for cleaning the device. First, always turn off the laptop and remove the battery to minimise the likelihood of incidental damage. In addition, be sure to back up any important files on a flash drive or similar device. In addition to the special cleaning solution, be sure to also use a microfibre cloth that will not scratch the screen. To avoid damaging the screen, never apply significant pressure to the cloth, and wipe in a side-to-side motion.

To clean the keyboard, use a can of compressed air by holding the product six to nine inches away from the laptop. Because the keys are delicate, never spray the bottle straight upside down. Instead, hold it at an angle. In addition to a compressed air can, it is possible to clean a laptop by removing the keys; however, this is a delicate process that requires a knife. Instead of removing the keys, it is better to use the compressed air and a barely wet soft cloth to clean the keyboard.

Using Household Products to Clean Your Laptop

In addition to conventional cleaning products, it is possible to clean a laptop with items that are lying around the house. Create a safe cleaning solution by using either distilled water or an even split of white vinegar and distilled water for tough stains. Put the solution in a small pump device like an unused perfume bottle so that only a mist will be sprayed. Instead of a microfibre cloth, use a disposable wipe that does not have any cleaning product on it or a cloth or T-shirt made from very soft material.



Cleaning a laptop is a delicate process that should only be done using the right tools. Using compressed air, microfiber cloths and vinegar-based cleaners will help prevent damage.

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