How to Clean a Car DVD Player

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How to Clean a Car DVD Player

Car DVD players are lifesavers for parents with younger children on long journeys. It is great to have the ability to entertain children, and adults, for a couple of hours. However, sometimes, like many modern gadgets, they can stop working as they once did. A DVD may start to skip or the player may just not read the discs at all. Most of the times, this is due to a dirty laser. Cleaning a car DVD player lens is simple when the user has all of the information and the right tools.


Choosing the Best Way to Clean the Lens

The first and easiest way to perform this task is with the help of a lens cleaner disc kit, but these are not suitable for all DVD players. The only other option is taking the DVD player apart and cleaning the lens directly.


Drive Type


Easiest Cleaning Method


User pushes the DVDs in, and a mechanism sucks it in

Opening the case of the DVD Player


The user places the DVDs onto a tray, which then goes back into the player

DVD lens cleaning disc


The drive opens outwards and upwards

User places the DVD directly onto the spindle and then closes the top

DVD lens cleaning disc


Sometimes the bristles on a DVD lens cleaner disc are stuck when using it on a slot-loading device. If this happens, open the DVD drive in order to retrieve the disc. Using a lens-cleaning disc in a tray-loading or top-loading device is easy, and does not have these issues.


Using a DVD Lens Cleaner Disc

The lens cleaning kits include a disc that has tiny microfibre brushes, which remove dirt and debris from the laser. Some kits use a special cleaning liquid that the user has to spray or wipe on the disc. Insert the DVD into the DVD drive and play it. When the disc is spinning, it cleans the laser.


Opening the DVD Player

Sometimes a DVD lens-cleaning disc is just not strong enough to clean the lens. In this case, it is necessary to clean the laser manually. Opening the DVD player is the only other way to clean the lens, but be careful when doing this as it can void the warranty of the device.

Opening the Case

Remove all power going to the device, including batteries. If possible, the users should ground themselves with the aid of an anti-static wristband as to stop any static electricity frying the player's components. Look for screws on the side of the player or on the back. The person doing the maintenance is only looking to remove the top part of the case. The user should avoid the screws on the bottom, around the ports and the power cable.

Cleaning the Lens

Locate the lens of the DVD drive. It is a small, rounded circular piece of glass that looks like either a bubble or a glass bead. With the can of compressed air, blow out any dust on the lens or on nearby components. Dip a cotton bud into the isopropyl alcohol and gently wipe it over the lens. Repeat this a few times, using a different end of a cotton bud each time to avoid re-contaminating the lens. Never use water or a dry cotton bud to clean the lens. Leave the lens for a minute or two to dry and spray it with compressed air again to remove any dust that has since settled. Put the top of the DVD drive back on.


Cleaning the Case

Use a lightly damp microfibre cloth to clean the outer case, being careful not to squeeze water into the vents. Spray screen cleaning solution onto a clean microfibre cloth and use this to rub the screen. Never use ammonia or alcohol based cleaners, such as window cleaners, as these can damage the screen's finish. Paper towels can cause small scratches on the screen. Use a dry electrostatic microfibre cloth to clean the vents. Try not to push dust into the case as this may eventually cause problems with the lens.


How to Buy Car DVD Player Cleaning Equipment on eBay

Using the search bar found at the top of every page on eBay is simple and helps you locate many products that suit your needs. For example, searching for 'DVD lens cleaner' or 'compressed air' brings up all of the associated products. Remember that opening up a DVD player within its warranty period is very likely to void the warranty, and is dangerous if not reassembled correctly. Cleaning the lens is as simple as playing a DVD lens cleaning disc, but sometimes it does need more work.

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