How to Clean a Michael Kors Bag

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How to Clean a Michael Kors Bag

Michael Kors bags offer women a wide range of purses in various sizes and materials. Since Michael Kors bags are expensive, an owner will want to ensure their investment remains in pristine condition over the years. By cleaning and maintaining the bag on a regular basis, it should stay in perfect shape.


Cleaning and Maintaining Leather Michael Kors Bags

Leather handbags don’t take well to water, so if the purse becomes wet from a spilled drink or rainwater, remove the liquid quickly with a napkin or cloth. This will prevent the leather from soaking up the water and causing stains. Perspiration and makeup can also stain leather, consequently causing permanent markings. Inspect the bag regularly to ensure there are no stains from these elements.

Should a stain occur from makeup, ink pen, or perspiration, rub it gently with leather cleaning cream and a soft cloth. Use tight circular motions as to rub the cream onto the bag. Check the cloth to see if the stain transfers from the bag. Turn the cloth to a clean spot to continue removing the stain. Apply more of the cleaning cream to the cloth if needed. If the cleaning cream can’t remove all of the stain, take the bag to a professional leather cleaner.

Use the leather cleaning cream to cleanse the handbag on a regular basis, such as once a month. The cleaning cream removes dirt and dust a person can’t normally see. Over time a buildup of dirt can damage the leather material.

Apply a leather conditioning cream to the Michael Kors bag. Leather can dry out and crack, but a conditioning cream can revive the material. The leather will become supple and soft and resist cracking.


Cleaning a Denim Michael Kors Bag

Clean a denim bag with no leather trim by washing it with cold water. Turn the purse inside out before washing. Either hand wash in the sink using a small amount of liquid detergent or in the washer on the gentle cycle. Dry the denim bag on low in the dryer.

Should the denim bag have a leather trim, don’t clean it in the washer. Instead, wipe the leather clean as stated above. Place the denim part of the bag in the sink and hand wash it. Allow the bag to air dry.


Cleaning a Suede Michael Kors Bag

A suede leather bag requires cleaning with a special suede brush to maintain the material. If the suede becomes wet or stained, gently pat the fabric with a clean cloth. Don’t rub the bag as the action could force the stain deeper into the material. Dab the stain until the wetness stops transferring to the cloth. Allow the bag to air dry.

Use a suede brush to remove dirt and dust from the bag. Brush against the nap to loosen dirt fragments. Rub a clean cloth gently over the purse. Brush with the nap to smooth the suede down. Clean the suede bag with the brush at least once a month.


Cleaning Inside a Michael Kors Bag

The inside of the bag needs to be cleaned as well as the outside. Items like lipstick may come out of the container and mark the inside material. Snacks like candy may melt and cause stains to occur. These stains not only mark the inside of the purse, but can transfer to other items within the bag as well.

Empty the purse of all items. Check the bag for stains. If a stain has occurred, wet a clean cloth with cold water and begin dabbing at the stain until it no longer transfers from the purse. Wipe the remaining areas inside the bag with a clean cloth. Allow the bag to remain open and unzipped until any moisture has evaporated. If possible, turn the bag inside out to dry.


How to Buy a Michael Kors Bag on eBay

Go to the main page of eBay Australia. Next, hover the mouse over the “Fashion” link. A drop down menu will appear. Click on “Women’s Handbags.” On the left hand side, click to see all brands of handbags. A new window will open. Select the box next to Michael Kors and hit the search button in the lower right corner of that window. That window will close and the remaining window opens to the Michael Kors bags. From there a person can refine results to show only leather, suede, straw, or denim bags.



Michael Kors bags offer a vast array of colors and designs. The workmanship along with quality material offers a customer a bag that will last for years. However, how a person cleans and maintains the bag after purchasing also factors into its longevity. By administering the above tips, a person can ensure their bag will look like new for years to come.

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