How to Clean an Oil Burner

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How to Clean an Oil Burner

Oil burners keep cold houses warm during even the coldest months, and most homeowners would like their oil burner to continue working for a long period without repairs or needing replacements. Luckily, consumers can keep their oil burners working efficiently simply by cleaning them on a regular basis. With some tools, cleaners, and a little bit of work, it is easy to clean oil burners and keep them heating homes properly.


Gathering Supplies

To clean an oil burner, homeowners need several supplies. Gather a screwdriver to remove the service panel on the burner. Spray cleaner can clean the parts of the burner. Clean rags and a toothbrush help to scrub dirt and dust off components of the burner. A new air filter to replace the old filter in the burner is necessary. A hand-held portable vacuum can help to remove hard to reach pieces of dirt or dust from the burner. Finally, use a lighter to re-light the burner after cleaning all parts.


Turning off Power

Before starting to clean an oil burner, make sure to turn off power to the burner. To shut off the power, turn off the correct switch on the circuit breaker and turn off the gas at the shutoff valve, which turns off the pilot flame to the burner.


Cleaning the Burner

After gathering the necessary supplies and turning off power to the burner, homeowners are ready to start cleaning. Following a number of steps helps to ensure correct cleaning of all necessary parts of the oil burner.

Cleaning the Outside

Spray the entire outside of the burner with spray cleaner and then wipe it down with clean rags. Once the outside of the burner is clean, use a screwdriver to remove the service panel to the burner, and expose the burner's internal parts for cleaning. When removing the service panel, be aware that some burner's panels lift off while others slide off from mounted clips.

Replacing the Filter

After removing the oil burner's service panel, locate the burner's air filter. The air filter is typically located behind the blower. After locating the filter, slide it out of the burner and replace it with a new blower, taking care to position the new filter in the same position as the old one.

Cleaning the Inner Parts

With the filter replaced, homeowners are ready to clean the inner parts of the oil burner. Several parts of the oil burner need cleaning on a regular basis to prevent build up. For the blower assembly, remove dirt and dust with hand-held vacuum; wipe blade and motor with rags; use toothbrush to dislodge any buildup on motor assembly; and wipe entire unit with clean rag. Wipe the thermocouple with a clean rag. For the pilot flame nozzle, remove nozzle and soak in kerosene for 30 minutes; wipe nozzle clean with a rag; and then remove any remaining dirt or dust with compressed air.

Each of the oil burner's components can affect oil burner performance. If not cleaned regularly, these components can cause the oil burner to malfunction or run inefficiently. If, after cleaning these components, the oil burner does not run properly, homeowners may wish to consider replacing these parts.


Restoring Power

Once each part of the oil burner is clean, make sure each part is securely in place. Then, safely restore power to the oil burner. To restore the power, first turn on the gas and then re-light the pilot flame using a lighter. Next, replace the service panel on the oil burner and tighten the screws on the panel. Finally, turn on the circuit breaker to return power to the oil burner.


How to Buy Supplies to Clean an Oil Burner on eBay

The sellers on eBay offer a wide range of supplies you can use to clean an oil burner. Start your search with the search bar found on any eBay page and refine the search results by selecting options such as category, colour, brand, size, or style from the options menu. You can limit your results to a specific price range to show only the results that fit your budget. Be sure to read the item descriptions carefully and review each seller's policies before choosing an item to purchase.

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