How to Clear a Blocked Drain

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How to Clear a Blocked Drain

Blockages in plumbing are guaranteed to occur, and there are many cost-saving methods that can adopted that will solve the problem without the need to hire an expensive plumber. Most common sink blockages can be solved with the application of drain-cleaning materials. However, if the blockage cannot be cleared with the use of these products and techniques, it is recommended that a plumber be hired in order to prevent damage to the drains.


Drain Cleaners to Clear Blocked Plumbing

A drain cleaner is a chemical used to clear blocked drains. Drain cleaners are a popular and effective solution to small blockages that involve hair, solidified fats, and other common problems in household drains. Applied through the opening of a blocked drain, these products will dissolve and loosen the blockages and restore proper flow to the pipe.

If a drain cleaner proves incapable of clearing the blocked drain, buyers may need to look into tools to deal with more difficult blockages.


Tools To Buy


A plunger is the first and most important tool to fix any sort of plumbing issue. When a plunger is pressed down against a blocked drain opening, it creates a small vacuum that can extract the material blocking the drain. Once the clog is released with the use of the plunger, the homeowner can then extract the excess material and restore the drain to a functional state.

In order to use a plunger on a sink, fill the sink partially with water. Apply the cup of the plunger against the opening of the drain and rapidly pump the plunger. The blocked material will be sucked out and the sink restored.

Plumber’s Snake

If a plunger fails to work, it likely means that the blockage in the drain is too deep in the plumbing for a simple suction cup to work. In order to clear a drain blocked deeper in the plumbing, a plumber’s snake can be used.

A plumber’s snake is a more advanced tool that can be used to clear a blocked drain. A plumber’s snake or an auger is a flexible piece of wire that can be inserted into a blocked drain. Once inserted, the plumber’s snake is pushed through the piping until the blockage is reached. When the blockage is reached, the wire can rotate and scrape against the accumulated material until it is broken up and extracted from the plumbing.

To use a plumber’s snake, remove the stopper from the drain and then feed the head of the cable into the piping. Once inserted, turn the crank handle or whatever variation of power the auger comes with. Keep pushing the cable through the piping until it reaches the end of its length, then extract the cable and flush the piping with hot water for several minutes.

It is important to use an auger that has been designed for the type of drain you need cleared. A hand auger designed for bathtub and sink use should never be used in a toilet blockage, as the material that the hand auger is made of can get stuck in the special toilet plumbing.

Closet Augers

A toilet or closet auger is designed for use in blocked toilets, and is made of a material that will not damage the porcelain in the toilet bowl. A toilet auger comes with a short, curved appendage that is used to break up blockages in the toilet’s trap section.

Operation of a toilet auger is simple. Place the end into the toilet bowl and crank the handle so that the cable is pushed through the piping and into the trap of the toilet. Once the entire cable is pushed through, extract the cable and flush the toilet repeatedly to clear out the remnants of the blockage.

Electric Power Tools to Clear Blocked Drains

For the most difficult drain blockages, an electric power auger can be purchased or rented. These are motorised augers that can clear even the most difficult blockages. It is important to ensure that the cable is extracted properly or the plumbing may be damaged, so read the manual and guides online to make sure this is done correctly.


Buying Drain Clearing Materials on eBay

Drain cleaning materials are easy to find on eBay, and eBay sellers have a wide range of excellent products that will make clearing your blocked drains a breeze. Customers should be sure to read item reviews to see if the product worked for other buyers, and feel free to ask the seller if the product is appropriate for clearing your specific type of blockage. Buyers should remember that certain drain cleaning tools will only work with specific types of plumbing, so be sure to double check that you are getting the correct product.

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