How to Connect a Car DVD Player

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How to Connect a Car DVD Player

Installing a DVD player in the car entertains passengers during long drives. One of the biggest concerns when buying a car DVD player is the installation after purchase. Fortunately, in-dash car DVD players are relatively easy to install, and most models install using the same basic steps. Understanding how to connect a car DVD player to your dash requires becoming familiar with the stereo system in the vehicle and basic steps for disconnecting the old unit and inserting the new one.


In-Dash Installation Steps

There are thousands of vehicles out there, and there are many different types of DVD players, but the installation process is similar. Most units require installing an in-dash control panel, and the monitor mounts to the dash or to another part of the car.

Disconnect the Car Battery

Before attempting to install the DVD player, disconnect the car battery. Do this by removing both the positive and negative cables connected to the battery. Do not touch any of the wiring or components in the dash or inside the vehicle before disconnecting the battery to prevent electric shock.

Remove Current In-Dash Stereo

In order to install a DVD player, you must first remove the existing in-dash stereo or video system. Refer to the vehicle's service or repair manual before beginning this process and familiarise yourself with the current system. Locate the screws that are holding the current system in place. Some vehicles may require that various pieces of the dash come off before you can access the dash stereo port. If a stereo currently exists in the vehicle, you need to disconnect the wiring, usually connected to the back of the device.

Insert DVD Player into Dash

Most car DVD players slide directly into the unoccupied port without issue. If there is extra space above the DVD player, you may need to purchase a head unit to fill the gap. All vehicles have different dashboards, so be sure that you are installing a DVD player designed to fit your make, model, and year of vehicle.

Connect the Wires

In most DVD players, the wires are located at the back of the device. Many come complete with a pair of wiring harnesses, making connecting the wires organised and simple. If there is no harness unit available, purchase one. You may need to connect an antenna cable to the back of the DVD player as well.

Install DVD Player

Once the wires are connected, push the DVD player fully into position inside of the dash. Replace any removed pieces to make room for the device. Once complete, the DVD player should fit snuggly in the dashboard. There should be no open spaces, and the device should not move within the dash. If the DVD player does move, it may not be sitting fully inside of the port.

Reattach the Battery and Test

Once in position, reconnect the battery's positive and negative cables, and turn on the ignition. If the DVD player's installation is correct, the player should power on. If it does not light up, ensure that both the battery and DVD player cables are properly connected.


Monitor Installation

Most car DVD players include an in-dash device to install, but not all models have the viewing monitor positioned in the dash. Installing a monitor in the headrest or headliner of the vehicle requires additional drilling, cutting, and wiring. Buyers should know the installation steps associated with each type.


DVD Player Type

Installation Considerations

In-Dash DVD Players

Most simple to install

Require no additional drilling, wiring or upholstery modifications

May require additional dash faceplate to fit snugly

Overhead DVD Players

Requires drilling, outlining, and cutting of headliner upholstery for mounting bracket

Wires are run from dash to monitor on headliner

Headrest DVD Players

May require drilling, outlining, and cutting into headrest upholstery or may come pre-installed in a headrest

Wiring is run through floor, into the seat, and up to headrest monitor


There are also DVD monitors that install into the car's rear-view mirror or sun visor. These are not as popular as the other three types, but they are options.


How to Buy Car DVD Players on eBay

Sellers on eBay offer a huge selection of car DVD players, including brand-new DVD players as well as refurbished or used DVD player systems. Buyers can narrow their search by specifying in-dash, overhead, or headrest systems depending on where they want the monitor in the vehicle. Before making a purchase, identify what bells and whistles are most important to have in the player. With proper searching, it is easy to find an excellent car DVD player on eBay.

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