How to Connect an iPhone to a Car DVD Player

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How to Connect an iPhone to a Car DVD Player

Keeping passengers entertained on long journeys is important for maintaining peace and quiet, and ensuring there are no distractions in the car that might lead to an accident or argument. A good option is a iPhone.


Benefits of Using an iPhone in a Car

iPhones offer more than a convenient way to make phone calls. They provide users with a vast array of apps and services with connection to the Internet, and a large amount of storage for video and audio files. As a result, connecting an iPhone to an in-car entertainment system offers a wide range of benefits.

  • Streaming: Allows streaming from the Internet for more entertainment options; no need to travel with lots of DVDs in the car; no awkward DVD changes while the car is in motion
  • Extra screen: creates an additional viewing option for passengers to offer greater flexibility
  • Control: easy to operate the DVD player from the iPhone; adults in the front can control what children in the back are watching
  • Access to music: drivers can play music from the iPhone library; no need to travel with lots of CDs in the car

The downside to using the iPhone as a mass storage or streaming device is that it drains the battery. In addition, when streaming online movies, the video resolution may be poor. Drivers may also need to purchase additional cables to connect the iPhone and car DVD player.


Connecting an iPhone to a Car DVD Player

Connecting an iPhone to a car DVD player is a relatively simple task. However, making the connection involves using a composite AV cable, so the receiving device must have composite input ports. If buyers want to use a car DVD player in conjunction with an iPhone, they should check that the player has the required ports.

Connecting an iPhone to a Car DVD Player

The composite AV cable has a 30-pin dock connector that fits into the bottom of the iPhone. At the other end of the cable are three colour-coded connectors. Insert the yellow connector into the video input port on the DVD player. Insert the white and red connectors for audio into the white and red ports on the DVD player.

Charging the iPhone

Because using the iPhone in conjunction with the DVD player drains the battery rapidly, it is important to connect it to a power source. The composite AV cable has a USB connector to allow users to charge their smartphones. Simply insert the USB connector into a portable battery pack or in-car charger to keep the iPhone running throughout the journey.

Playing Media on the iPhone

The final step is to select a movie or video. The user simply switches on the iPhone and DVD player and uses the iPhone's menu to navigate to the file or service required. The user may also need to use the 'mode' or 'source' button on the DVD player to select the iPhone as the input device.


How to Buy Equipment to Connect an iPhone to a Car DVD Player on eBay

When travelling on long trips, it is important to keep passengers entertained. It is easy to buy a good quality car DVD player and the cables required for connecting it to an iPhone on eBay, where reliable sellers have a wide selection of goods. Use the search function on any page to enter keywords, and then use the advanced search options to filter the results. With these powerful tools at your disposal, it is quick and easy to find all of the in-car entertainment solutions that you need.

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