How to Create a French Styled Bedroom

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How to Create a French Styled Bedroom

From Paris to Provence, there is something undeniably stylish about France. No matter where one is in the world, it is easy to create French ambiance in the bedroom with a little creative styling. For preferences ranging from city-chic to country-cute, homeowners can try these tips to create a beautiful French-inspired bedroom.


Add Soft Touches

French styling should be both comfortable and stylish. When choosing textiles for the bedroom, go for soft fabrics like cotton and silk. Bedding should be plush -- think overstuffed duvets and down comforters. To recreate the look of a French country inn, keep bedding primarily white with small accents of colour. Delicate floral prints are perfect for adding shabby-chic comfort. Treat bare feet to a luxurious experience by placing a real or faux wool flokati rug by the bed.


Go for Baroque

Baroque-style bedroom furniture is ideal for any French styled bedroom. This ornate furniture style features plenty of intricate carving and romantic embellishments. By choosing a Baroque Rococo-style bed, one can have a functional showpiece around which to design the rest of the bedroom. Many Baroque beds are made from cherry in both natural stain and brightly painted finishes.


Just Add Lavender

A great way to bring the romance of the French countryside to the bedroom is with lavender -- the colour and the plant. Take inspiration from the world-famous lavender fields of Provence by incorporating this light purple shade into bedding, decor accessories, and even walls. Fresh or dried lavender sprigs displayed in a vintage milk bottle or other simple vase provide aromatherapy benefits and visual interest.


Lots of Light

Lighting is important for achieving a romantic French look. Brighten the room by selecting sheer window treatments and keeping walls white or pastel. Do not be afraid to experiment with lighting fixtures. A crystal chandelier adds instant glamour and brightens up any French styled boudoir. A grouping of candles on a pretty vanity tray adds a romantic note.


Art to Inspire

Paris is home to the legendary Louvre Museum, where treasures by masters like Vincent Van Gogh and Claude Monet are on display. No French-inspired bedroom is complete without a healthy art collection. Consider posters and prints of French masterpieces, displayed in either Baroque-style gold tone frames for a romantic Parisian look or simple white wooden frames for French country flair. Or, opt for prints on gallery wrapped canvas, which can be hung as-is. For artsy types, grab blank canvas and paints that coordinate with the decor, and create an abstract painting (or a collection of them) to display. Sculpture is another great way to add French allure -- think Eiffel tower replicas and Greek goddesses.


Stylish Seating

Every French styled bedroom should have seating for one to relax in with chocolate and champagne, compose a love letter, or settle into with a cafe au lait. Invest in a comfortable chaise upholstered in velvety fabric for the perfect place to recline, or position a pair of accent chairs for intimate seating for two. To create the perfect reading nook, add plush accent pillows and decorative throws. For a French bohemian vibe, try a large overstuffed bean bag chair upholstered in faux sheepskin or other plush material.


Golden Glamour

Adding glitzy touches of gold can add the perfect amount of French mystique to the bedroom. A little goes a long way, so the ideal way to incorporate gold is through trimmings on pillows and linens. Golden picture frames and candle holders also work without going overboard. Gold can be paired with any colour scheme to add an opulent feel to the room.

One thing to remember when creating a French styled bedroom is to listen to instinct. Do not rely on rules, but rather collect items and colours that satisfy. Celebrate simple pleasures -- if a certain fabric feels good against the skin, or a certain colour creates happiness, include it in the decor. When styling a French-inspired bedroom, comfort is the key -- from there, let creativity guide.

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