How to Create an Outdoor Kitchen

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How to Create an Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens are an inviting option as they provide a comfortable way to dine alfresco. Friends and family can cook, eat and gather comfortably, while enjoying the beauty of the outdoors. There are many elements involved in creating a successful outdoor kitchen. For example, there should be plenty of prep space to prepare food and to spread out the cooking utensils and ingredients. Items which need to be purchased to create an outdoor kitchen include a barbecue grill, outdoor refrigerator, outdoor seating and dining furniture, and sun shading.


Outdoor Cooking

An essential element of every outdoor kitchen is a barbecue grill. Custom-designed outdoor kitchens often include barbecue islands which have the grilling station and preparation work space attached. Freestanding barbecue grills are also perfectly acceptable. One may also want to consider purchasing an outdoor smoker or rotisserie unit. Many barbecue grills have appealing stainless steel finishes and feature extras like side burners and warming drawers, and some even come with barbecue utensils.



It is important to have a method of storing food at its proper temperature and keeping it away from insects. This is why an outdoor refrigerator is needed. However, the shoppers should be advised that most refrigerators are not designed to be kept outdoors. One must look for a refrigerator specifically for this purpose.



Before purchasing outdoor furniture, one must take into consideration how many guests they wish to accommodate. One can purchase a complete outdoor table setting, or mix and match chairs and tables of their liking. Certain furniture finishes that are designed to be outdoors, like iron or another durable material. If a built-in bar or countertop section is included in the outdoor kitchen, one might want to consider purchasing bar stools to provide additional seating.



Every outdoor kitchen should include some form of sun shade. Adequate shading ensures that the guests are comfortably protected from the elements, such as excessive sunlight. There are many ways that an outdoor kitchen can be shaded.
Custom-built outdoor kitchens may include permanent shading arbors made of aluminium or steel for example. Pergola structures may also be erected which are fancied in a criss-cross pattern and made of woods such as red cedar. Another option is to place an outdoor kitchen underneath an already-existing covered patio, provided there is enough space around and above the cooking area.
A less expensive and more convenient option is to purchase portable shading which can be moved or stored away with ease. Table umbrellas can be positioned above seating areas, for example. Freestanding portable fabric shades may be draped elegantly over the area and are available in many styles, colours and fabrics.


Design Options

One way to create an outdoor kitchen is to build a permanent structure such as a grilling area which is inserted into a stacked stone formation. Another popular choice in outdoor kitchen design is to install a set of stone countertops to match the stacked stone construction. However, if one wishes to create an outdoor kitchen that may be moved at will, the grill and food preparation areas can be positioned separately by purchasing the grill and prep tables individually.
Another option is to place the grilling station within an outdoor alcove section of the house. For example, some homes may have a built-in storage section with sliding doors. This means that when not in use, the doors can be closed and the grilling station is concealed.


Additional Design Elements

An effective outdoor kitchen should have a designated place to store cooking items. Many outdoor kitchens contain helpful elements such as under counter storage. Some barbecue grills come equipped with a storage cabinet at the bottom of the unit.
For dining and entertaining at night, one will need to include lighting elements in their outdoor kitchen. Appropriate options include wall sconces or outdoor chandeliers if there is an overhead structure to hang them from. Other great ideas include fire pits and tiki torches. If a fire pit is included, a place to store and stack the wood would be helpful.


Finding Outdoor Kitchen Supplies on eBay

Begin by typing ‘grills’ or ‘grilling tools’ into the eBay search bar. To find the best results, choose the ‘Home and Garden’ tab and then follow to ‘Outdoor Living.’ This will allow access to many sizes, types and styles of barbecue grills available.
One could simply type in one of the following related search terms into the eBay search bar and be brought to great results.
One might want to try ‘Hammock,’ ‘fire pit,’ ‘beer tap’ or ‘outdoor countertops’. Other suggestions include ‘outdoor lighting’ and ‘outdoor furniture.’



Outdoor kitchens provide a refreshing way to cook, eat and entertain guests. However, there certain necessities which must be purchased to make it possible. Whether looking for grills, barbecue utensils, outdoor furniture and decor or refrigeration for an outdoor kitchen, eBay has all that is needed.

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