How to Cut Pipe at a 45-degree Angle

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How to Cut Pipe at a 45-degree Angle

It is a tricky skill to cut a reliable angle on any object, especially a circular one like a pipe. Many times, unfortunately, simple steps go neglected and the pipe can end up being jagged or misaligned. Cutting a 45-degree angle is an important skill, though. It is one of the most common ways to build corners.


Types of Pipe

There are many different types of pipe and numerous tools to cut them. Sometimes this depends on what the pipe's construction material.


Pipe Type



Favourite pipe for plumbers

These pipes do not rust and handle hot and cold water easily

PEX Tubing

Freeze-resistant piping that plumbers enjoy because of its flexibility and durability

Cheaper than copper

PVC Pipe

Very common in household drain pipes

Durable, reliable, and easily repairable


Used in both under and above-ground applications


Another plastic pipe type commonly used for household drainage


Much older style of plumbing that new materials now replace


There are many types of pipe out there and it is important to understand that different pipes require cutting with different appliances. This all depends on the pipe's construction material and the nature of the cut. The guide describes cutting a PVC pipe. This example uses PVC pipe because many different tools can cut it, and in this case, the tool is the common tenon saw.


How to Cut Pipe at a 45-Degree Angle

  1. In most cases, measuring a 45-degree angle is very simple. A mitre box comes in handy because it has the angle edged into the box. This allows someone to keep track of the angle while cutting. If there is not a mitre box, a protractor can measure a reliable 45-degree angle, as well.
  2. Place the pipe in the mitre box, being sure to place the pipe next to the angle inlet at the area of the intended cut.
  3. A tenon saw can cut through the PVC material easily. Keeping a hand on the pipe, so it stays firmly in place, saw down the pipe, making sure the pipe does not turn.
  4. Make the cut straight down. The pipe should never turn or shift in position.
  5. Always be very cautious when making cuts with any type of saw. If tiring, always take a rest. Frustration and exhaustion lead to careless mistakes and dangerous injuries.


The Benefits of the Mitre Saw

Mitre saws come in handy for making cuts with clean, reliable angles. Mitre saws can be expensive, though, since they are serious tools for making cuts. They are also very dangerous. While a mitre saw can make a fine cut on many types of pipes, they are not necessary, and do not work for every type of material.


How to Buy Pipes and Pipe Cutting Tools on eBay

The search bar comes in handy if you are interested in a type of pipe or tools for making angled cuts. Be sure to specify what is that you want because sellers on eBay offer a wide range of products with numerous different price ranges.

You may also be interested in saws for cutting pipe, such as tenon and mitre saws. Tenon saws are a very handy tool for all kinds of different projects. Sellers on eBay commonly offer these types of saws for around $20, but higher-quality tenon saws can reach prices exceeding $100, so consider your needs. Expensive saws feature materials that are more durable. This makes their teeth more reliable, which means they are less likely to dull over time and with extensive use.

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