How to Decorate Your Garden for a Party

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How to Decorate Your Garden for a Party

Whether it is for a birthday, a holiday, an engagement, or just to find a reason to spend time with friends and family, a party is about inviting guests to relax and enjoy themselves. Part of creating this enjoyable environment is decorating. Choosing the right party decorations sets the tone for the event and helps guests step out of their daily life and into the celebration. To decorate for a garden party, hosts should learn about a few helpful tips.


Bring in light

Many hosts hold garden parties in the afternoon, but during the warmest months of the year, the evening is the perfect time to host friends and family for a gathering in the garden. As the sun sets, the dimmer light makes it more difficult to enjoy the food and entertainment, and the low light may encourage guests to leave. Integrating plenty of light into the decor keeps the party going while ensuring all of the guests continue to enjoy themselves.

Adding light to a garden party can be simple and subtle, but it can also be a part of the theme itself. Finding lights that complement the overall theme of the party enhances the look and feel of the event for a detail that is as much about decorating as it is about adding light to the space.

Votive candles

Votive candles do not produce bright light, but their gentle glow offers pleasant illumination for the table. These candles also help create smaller, more intimate areas within the larger party area where guests can gather for conversation. Decorators can place these candles along the centre of the table or cluster them on smaller tables or garden walls for a soft effect.

Paper lanterns

The glow and colour of paper lanterns are a beautiful way to tie the theme together while also adding light. These lanterns come in a variety of shapes and colours to fit the feel of any gathering. Decorators can hang these lanterns from trees or posts to designate the party area and add illumination.


Use the surroundings

Every garden is unique and these special details are the perfect inspiration for garden party decorations. Take some time to observe the natural surroundings of the garden and choose decorations that enhance and complement these natural touches for a look that is cohesive and effortless.

Embrace the growing flowers

If flowers are already growing in the garden, do not try to compete with them by adding more as decorations. Instead of putting more flowers out as a centrepiece, decorators should choose another option, such as a tall glass hurricane with fresh fruits or a low, clean planter box filled with fresh vegetables for snacking before the meal.

Choose coordinating colours

The decorations do not have to match the colours of the flowers growing nearby, but they should not contrast with them. You should find ways to add pops of colour that look good with the existing colours by bringing in shades already in the surroundings or adding new colours that work with the existing ones, but that add a special effect.


Focus on the table

A garden can be an overwhelming space to host a party because of its size, which makes it important to create a centre of focus. Creating a beautiful and thoughtful table draws attention and helps to narrow the space of the party. This does not mean that all guests have to stay at the table, but it does provide an anchoring point that helps maintain the focus in a more centralised location. You can use tablecloths, dishes, and glassware that fit with the overall theme and appearance of the event.


Encourage mingling

If the party does not feature a sit-down meal that requires a specially decorated table, you can create focus, while also encouraging guests to mingle, with a few creative touches. You can create a casual effect by filling a vintage wheelbarrow or other garden tool with ice to keep drinks cool in one area and stack repurposed milk crates or restored bookshelves in another to display snacks. For a more formal event, you can use raised tables with white cloths to present drinks and hors d'oeuvres.


How to buy garden party decorations on eBay

Shopping on eBay for garden party decorations is like exploring the world's largest party supply shop right from the comfort and convenience of your own living room. From the comfort of your computer, you can browse through a huge variety of colours, themes, and individual items to craft the ideal look and feel for your celebration. Explore a broad range of garden supply options or narrow your search using the search bar on any page to look for a specific type of product.

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