How to Decorate a Laptop

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How to Decorate a Laptop

Decorating a laptop is an easy way to personalize it and make it more attractive. Some people also say that a decorated laptop is less likely to be stolen or taken by accident -- it's more eye catching and therefore more likely to avoid notice by potential thieves, or by someone who's careless while figuring out which device is theirs.

There are many ways to decorate a laptop that are enjoyable, aesthetically pleasing and inexpensive. In fact, many ways to decorate a laptop will not even damage the device or permanently alter it, but can be readily changed to suit fashion, or in order to sell the laptop to a subsequent owner.



Stickers are a cheap, easy way of customizing a laptop. They don't necessarily need to be special stickers designed for laptops -- although they can be, and many vendors sell stickers that are specifically designed to alter a laptop's appearance. (For example, some vendors sell stickers that play with the glowing Apple logo on MacBooks.) Stickers are generally inexpensive, although some vinyl-cut or custom-made ones may cost more money. Generally stickers will remove with a fingernail and a little determination, allowing buyers to customize their laptop in any of a number of ways over time, although some may leave a residue that may be difficult to remove.


Washi Tape

Washi tape is a kind of paper tape, manufactured in Japan, that often comes in aesthetically pleasing colours or patterns. Because it's often imported as a specialty item, it's usually more expensive than masking tape, stickers or comparable products. With a steady hand, a laptop owner can decorate a laptop with a length of washi tape -- say, to hug the other edge of the screen.


Laptop Skins

A laptop skin is a sticker -- sometimes a vinyl sticker, but sometimes a gel pad printed with an adhesive -- that covers part or all of a laptop's surface. Laptop skins usually cover the reverse side of the laptop's screen, although some, for instance, may fit around the screen itself, and others are designed to go where the hands rest while typing. Laptop skins may be printed with any of a number of colors, designs or clever motifs.



Engraving is typically permanent, so it may not be for all laptop owners, but it offers a way of changing a laptop's appearance that makes the final piece very distinctive. A laptop's components are delicate and can be damaged by vibration, or it could have its warranty voided by any serious alterations, so it's not advisable to engrave one's laptop oneself unless one is a trained professional with the appropriate tools. Check the terms of the laptop's warranty and make sure that any laptop engraver you hire is skilled and reputable.

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