How to Design Your Own Bedroom

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How to Design Your Own Bedroom

Designing a room has never been easier; the evolution of online design tools now allows homeowners to work with the confidence of interior decorating professionals. Once the layout and design are established, the furnishing options that eBay provides allow everyone to express their own unique decorating vision.


Measure the Room

Before making design decisions, one must have an accurate measurement of the empty room’s dimensions. It’s helpful to have a retractable measuring tape in order to make these measurements, along with a friend who’s willing to hold the end of the tape. Next, it’s helpful to make a quick pencil sketch of the room’s dimensions on paper, including the location of windows, doors and closets.


Measure Existing Furniture

Unless the designer is starting from scratch in a brand new home, there may already be a piece or two of furniture that belongs in the room. These existing pieces must be measured, so that the new design will incorporate them right from the beginning.


Create a Layout

Anyone who hasn’t done design work for a while should definitely take time to check out the clever new online layout tools. A simple internet search for “room layout tool” or “room planner” will yield a number of choices. Many furniture store websites provide free interactive tools that allow users to electronically experiment with all the possible configurations. For individuals who think better by using their hands, it’s helpful to draw a scaled room outline on graph paper and then position slips of paper in it that represent the footprints of furniture items.


Consider the Overall Tone

Before settling on major furnishings, a designer must give thought to what sort of decorating tone or environmental feeling he or she is striving toward. A very modern look might involve fewer items, for example, or it might substitute a low glass table for a set of wall shelves. Major art pieces are also an important decorating element, and they may need to claim large sections of the wall before the bed is placed.


Add Up Needed Storage Space

It’s easy for inexperienced designers to get swept up in decorating possibilities and end up with a glamorous room but nowhere to put their shoes. All clothing, books and personal items that will be kept in the room need to be considered for the storage space they’ll need. Under-bed containers and closet organisers are extremely helpful in using every spare inch wisely.


View Many Sample Rooms

Nothing is more energising than dreaming over decorating possibilities while viewing what other people have created. Many magazines and online sites offer breathtaking photos of rooms in every conceivable style. It can also be valuable to shop for original art and design a colour scheme around one important piece.


Create a Colour Palette

This can be made up from a few scraps of paper or fabric that look perfect together, or (of course) it can be created on an online colour source. ColourLovers is an international community which offers users the chance to view and share possible colour schemes.



This is probably the most enjoyable part of decorating, because it’s always an unpredictable adventure. Even highly organised decorators who have their colour scheme firmly in mind may change course completely as they happen onto that one-of-a-kind French quilt cover or brilliant hanging lamp.


Fine Tune

Once everything is in place and all belongings have been tucked away, it’s time to make another evaluation. Many times the direction of a room’s decor may change in the course of shopping, so that one or two original furnishings are no longer quite right. A careful eye to the finished project is important if one is to end up with a truly unified design.

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