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How to Dress to Flatter Your Upper Body

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How to Dress to Flatter Your Upper Body

If someone told you that you could instantly look thinner without stepping foot in a gym, you most likely would not believe it. However, dressing for your body type does just that. By dressing for your specific body type, clothes can make you look leaner and accentuate your best assets. Not all clothing styles look good on everyone, and choosing the wrong style may draw extra attention to potential problem areas that may hurt your figure. The first thing to consider when dressing to flatter your upper body is which body type you have.

Whether you are purchasing a new seasonal wardrobe, or looking for a flattering top or dress for a specific occasion, eBay has a large selection of clothing to flatter each different body type. In addition to low prices, eBay has a large selection of clothing and brand names allowing buyers to find exactly what they are looking for from the comfort of their own home. By understanding your specific body type and which styles of clothing flatter your upper body most, you can purchase clothes that help you look your very best.

Understand Your Specific Body Type

Not all body types are the same and understanding that dresses come in many shapes and sizes helps you to be a little bit picky. By learning to dress for your specific body type, you can learn to find the right clothes to flatter your figure. The first step towards dressing to flatter your upper body is to find the body type that is closest to your unique body shape.

Body Type


Apple Shape

Bust is at least seven centimetres larger than hips. Also known as busty or top heavy


Bust, waist, and hips are very close in width. Also known as athletic

Pear Shape

Hips are significantly wider than waist and bust. Also known as bottom heavy

Hourglass Shape

Equal bust and hip widths with smaller waist. Also known as curvy

Aside from body type, height and weight play an important role when dressing to flatter your upper body. If you are petite or plus size, some styles meant for your body type may not be as flattering. The best way to find what styles work best with your body type is to try on different things to see what looks best.

Choose Clothing Based on Your Body Type

After determining which body type is closest to your unique shape, you are ready to learn which styles of clothing are most flattering on you. The key to dressing for your body type is to minimise problem areas and focus on your best assets. Doing this helps you appear leaner, longer, and thinner. By understanding which styles are best for your body type, you can choose clothing that flatters your specific body type.

Dressing for an Apple Shape

The key to flattering an apple shape is to elongate the midsection and create a smaller waistline. People with apple shape body types tend to accumulate weight right above the hips, which are typically thin. V neck T-shirts and long sleeve shirts help to create a longer look, and belts worn at the smallest part of the waist create the illusion of a smaller waistline. Empire shirts, or dresses with high waistlines, are also flattering for those with this body type since it covers any bulge in the midsection.

Dressing for a Straight/Rectangle Shape

The straight/rectangular shape is the most common body type among women. When dressing to flatter a rectangle shape, creating curves is the key. By pinching your waistline with a belt or high waisted skirt or dress, it creates the illusion of curves. Scoop neck shirts and sweetheart necklines also create the look of bolder curves. Lace and ruffles are also flattering on those with rectangle shapes, and add a feminine touch to a boyish figure. Women with a rectangle shape should avoid baggy clothing, such as baggy T-shirts and jeans, since it makes the body appear larger than it actually is.

Dressing for a Pear Shape

If you have a pear shape figure, your best assets are your shoulders, stomach, and torso. When dressing to flatter a pear shape, you want to draw attention upward to your upper body. Ruffles, colours, and detailed tops are flattering since they draw the eye to the upper body. Pairing a bright coloured top or jacket with dark jeans is another flattering look for those with a pear shaped body type. Strapless dresses are also flattering for pear shapes, since they show off the shoulders and small upper body. For an everyday look, stick to shirts with square, cowl, or boat necks.

Dressing for an Hourglass Shape

When dressing to flatter an hourglass shape, the key is to show off your curves without going overboard. Shirts or dresses that are too baggy are not flattering on those with hourglass shapes since they create the illusion of a larger midsection. Choosing clothing that is fitted but not too tight is the best way to show off an hourglass shape. High waisted skirts or dresses typically show off your small waist, as well as belts at the smallest part of the waist.

Play with Colour

Another way to flatter your upper body regardless of your body type is by playing with colour. Although black is the colour known to look the most slimming, there are other ways to flatter your upper body while adding colour into your wardrobe. Adding a colourful accessory such as a scarf or statement necklace draws the attention up to the neck and can work with many outfits. Another flattering look for the upper body is achieved by layering a cute jacket, or blazer, to a plain or patterned shirt. Keep in mind that if one item has a colourful, busy pattern, the second item should be a plain colour.

How to Purchase Clothing and Accessories to Flatter Your Upper Body on eBay

By determining your body shape and figuring out which styles are most flattering for your figure, you are ready to begin your search for clothing and accessories on eBay. You can find the most popular brands of clothing and accessories on eBay, often times at lower than retail price. When shopping on eBay, is it easy to find all of your favourite brands in one place. To begin your search on eBay, you can use a keyword search in the keyword search bar located on each eBay web page. If you already know the accessory or clothing style you are looking for, you can search for the specific item you are looking for in the keyword search bar. eBay makes it easy to narrow results by size, style, or price, making your search on eBay quick and efficient.

To find the best deals when shopping for clothing and accessories on eBay, you can check out the eBay deals page. The products found on the eBay deals page have lower prices than the already low prices on eBay. By shopping for women's clothing on the eBay deals page, you can get more, and pay less.


While many people simply go with trendy styles when buying clothes, choosing styles that work with your body type are usually much more flattering. Learning how to flatter your upper body by determining your body type is the best way to play off of your assets and look taller and thinner. You should always choose clothing that expresses your personal style and that you feel comfortable wearing.

Wearing clothing with confidence is almost as important as the style or fit. Whether you are looking for a new wardrobe or a few staple pieces, you can find it for an affordable price on eBay. With eBay's large selection of women's clothing, it is easy to find clothing that is both flattering and expressive of your personal style.

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