How to Ensure that YOUR perfume is real

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Now I LOVE Ebay and thought this is the best place to buy things at dirt cheap prices. I mean i myself, work in the perfume/cosmetics industry and have been for 5years now. I ALSo love the THierry mugler range of Angel perfumes and when i saw something advertised
 "Angel Beauty NEW"
i thought to myself "Awesome!!! I can get this before it's released" but i looked at the price $11.00 and thought WOW that is TOO good to be true.
SO i emailed the seller asking if it was GENUINE or imitation.
Got an email saying "I can guarantee that it is genuine" now i don't know what they thought the definition of genuine was but my definition is something along the lines of BONA FIDE 100% of what it SHOULD be. THis perfume was presented in a box VERY close to what the ANgel range is sold in and even the shape of the bottle (which i might add is copyrighted!)
So i decided to take their answer at face value....boy was i wrong!

My advice... research the makers/company.Find the official website and see if you can find the bottle or even the name of the product they are selling and if it matches exactly to what is pictured.
Also once you recieve it there should be a SEE THROUGH STICKER on the bottom (it SHOULD NOT be etched into the glass). The sticker should also have a batch number and country of origin. Also if you shake it once it settles there SHOULD NOT be anything floating around in the bottle.

I know this is very hard to do with a picture but as soon as you find something dodgy contact the seller straight away. They may not be aware of this fact, or they may be aware and just think that Ebayers are stupid.

But NOT everyone is EVIL in the perfume sales. THere are GENUINE fragrances being sold at RIDICULOUS prices but are still genuine. SO please just keep an eye out on things like this.

Thankyou for reading this and i hope it helped you in some way. If you have any questions about this topic please feel free to contact me.

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