How to Find Affordable Brake Fairings

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How to Find Affordable Brake Fairings

Various motorcycles use fairings on their fronts, sides, and rears. Brake fairings refer to front fairings that extend to a motorcycle's brake levers. These fairings help minimise drag and also provide protection from frostbite and wind burn to a rider's hands. Buyers have scores of options when looking for brake fairings, irrespective of the motorcycles they own, and there are a number of affordable alternatives available as well.

One way of finding a suitable front fairing is to visit stores that deal in motorcycle parts and accessories and another is to search through websites like eBay. In either case, factors like compatibility, quality, and pricing need buyers' attentions, and knowing what is currently available certainly helps.

Choosing the Right Brake Fairings

Many people pay attention to the appearance of their motorcycles, and the front portion of a motorcycle is one that probably draws the most attention. Choosing the right kind of brake fairing, therefore, requires that buyers pay attention to how these fairings look, especially when the installation is complete. After all, while a fairing may look good as a standalone unit, it may not have the same effect after assembly.

Different Kinds of Front Fairings

There are different types of front fairings from which motorcycle buyers can choose. Some of these include a bikini fairing, full fairing, half fairing, and a belly pan fairing.

Bikini Fairing

A bikini fairing, also referred to as quarter fairing, does not really work as a brake fairing given that it does not extend to cover brake levers, and along with a windscreen, covers little more than a motorcycle's headlight.

Full Fairing

A full fairing covers almost the entire front portion of a motorcycle, both its upper and lower, and often extends to cover brake levers as well. This fairing can come with an inbuilt windscreen that helps enhance a motorcycle's aerodynamics and the lower portion of a full fairing can also protect a motorcycle's chassis and engine in the event of an accident.

Half Fairing

Half fairings also incorporate windscreens, and while they tend to extend a little below a motorcycle's handlebar they can also extend to cover brake levers. Many motorcycles that come with factory-fitted half-fairings allow users to upgrade to full fairings, either through the use of aftermarket alternatives or through OEM conversion fairing kits.

Belly Pan Fairing

The use of a belly pan fairing is common with a bikini or half fairing, and a belly pan fairing is located well under the handlebar, not close to the brake levers.

Materials Used to Make Motorcycle Fairings

Materials commonly used to make a motorcycle fairing include ABS plastic, fibreglass, and carbon fibre reinforced polymer. Manufacturers use two different processes to make ABS plastic: injection moulding and compression moulding. While fairings that use injection moulding tend to fit rather well, those made using compression moulding may require professional help with the installation process. Fibreglass fairings, in most instances, are lighter than their ABS plastic counterparts and also more durable. The use of fibreglass fairings on race bikes is not uncommon, and a damaged fibreglass fairing is not difficult to fix. Carbon fibre reinforced polymer fairings are definitely the lightest of the three, and work well with extreme racing and sport motorbikes. ABS plastic fairings tend to be the most affordable, fibreglass fairings cost a little more, and carbon fibre reinforced polymer are definitely the most expensive.

Quality Matters

When looking for affordable brake fairings, buyers should not overlook the quality factor. Fairings made using substandard materials are not hard to find, and others offer rather poor fitment. Some fairings can melt when subjected to hot weather conditions for prolonged periods, and some can crack or break rather easily. Buyers should also bear in mind that while some fairings come with logos or graphics, not all do.

Buying Used Front Fairings

When looking for affordable brake fairings, buyers may want to consider looking for used fairings. Used fairings are not very hard to find and buyers can find used front fairings for just about every brand of motorcycle. The condition that these fairings come in does vary, and if buyers can inspect them before making a purchase, it certainly helps. These used fairings can come from motorcycle owners who have replaced their existing fairings with new ones and also from motorcycles stripped for parts.

Bolts for Fairings

Although most fairing orders come with the required set of bolts, not all do, and some people look for aftermarket fairing bolts even though their fairing orders come with bolts. This is because aftermarket fairing bolts, in addition to looking more aesthetic, also help increase durability. Good quality bolts can help ensure that fairings stay in place even when dealing with heavy gusts of wind, thereby helping to increase safety. Just how durable the bolts are depends on the material used to make them, and stainless steel bolts score better than just about every other alternative, given that they do not corrode or break easily. Fairing bolts come in an assortment of colours to match any given fairing, although buyers should pay attention to the quality of the paint as well.

How to Buy Affordable Brake Fairings on eBay

eBay provides its buyers with some great brake fairing deals, which they find when going through eBay's many motorbike parts and accessories deals. Buyers can expect to find brake fairings for all makes of motorcycles, be it Yamaha, Honda, KTM, or Harley Davidson, thanks to the top-rated sellers on eBay who stock these products. In addition, buyers can also look for sellers who offer free delivery.

Buyers should bear in mind that although affordable brake fairings are not difficult to find, they should not overlook the quality aspect, and in case buyers really want to save some money, they always have the option to look for used brake fairings on eBay.

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