How to Find Affordable Britney Spears Radiance Fragrance

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How to Find Affordable Britney Spears Radiance Fragrance

A fragrance is like a person's trademark. They can shop for a scent that appeals to them and choose it to be their identifying aroma. There are all kinds of scents that manufacturers create such as ones with floral tones, fruity appeal, earthy spices, and a thick musk. With so many options available, it is not too difficult to find one that's appealing. However, since a fragrance sticks around most of the day it is important to be sure that it is one that the shopper really likes.

Britney Spears Radiance is a fragrance that the pop icon Britney Spears introduced to the market in 2010. It's feminine, fruity smell with a hint of floral is alluring and popular among women.

About the Britney Spears Radiance Fragrance

The Radiance fragrance has a slightly more mature smell than the other perfumes by Britney Spears. It does have a fruity hint to it like many of her other fragrances, but floral tones mostly dominate the Radiance perfume. Some say that the unique Radiance scent comes from jasmine, orange flower, iris, wild berries, dewy petals, tuberose, amber, skin musk, and cashmere wood. All of these scents combine together to create a perfume that is subtle, but appealing.

Radiance comes in a unique bottle just like all of the other Britney Spears fragrances. Its glass bottle is adorned with clear, pink, and blue crystals. The topper is also in the shape of a blue gemstone. The design is bold, yet delicate.

How to Choose Fragrance

Shopping for affordable fragrances can be overwhelming because there are thousands of blends that are natural or synthetic. Even just learning about them is difficult because describing what a scent truly smells like is next to impossible. Complex perfumes combines many different ingredients to achieve a certain smell, while other perfumes only have a few combined scents. In order to classify fragrances, manufactures use certain terms that are for the perfume industry.

Perfume Notes

Each single scent is a note. For example, the smell of a rose is a single note. Each note is classified in a specific range from low to high. Their classification depends on how long the scent lasts. Some smells wear off quickly, while others stick around all day. Notes can be natural or man made and most perfumes have a blend of both because each kind of note has its own advantages.

Fragrance Note



The top note is the one that people notice first when they first spray the perfume; do not last more than a few minutes before fading completely away; often include lemon, ginger, or other fruity smells


The middle notes last longer than the top ones and are very noticeable; it is usually the middle note that makes the biggest impression and sticks in a person's memory; foral scents and gourmand are common middle notes


Bottom notes last the longest of all, but are not as bold as the middle notes; the bottom note is not noticeable when people first apply the perfume; however, after a few hours, the bottom scents come to the forefront because the middle and top notes are gone; typically have a musky smell

Perfumes are a combination of various notes as well as water, oil, and alcohol. Some chemicals also go into the mixture at times to help make the scents last throughout the day. In order to obtain a pleasant smell that lasts, manufacturers put notes together as well as different types of scents.

The Type of Scent

What kind of scent to get depends on the person. There are several types of scents as well as hundreds of combinations. What one person loves, might make other people crinkle their nose. It is all dependant upon personal preference. Consider the following scent categories and decide whether or not the Britney Spears Radiance perfume would be a good pick or not.

Floral Scent

Flora scents come from the natural odour obtained from flowers. Depending on the flower, the scent could be light and sweet or bold and overpowering. Many women's perfumes have floral tones of some sort in them because the scent lasts a while and combines well with other scents. Floral tones make up the majority of the Radiance scent.

Fruity Scent

Fruity fragrances are come from berries, apples, and other plants with natural scents. They tend to have a tart or sweet smell and usually the scent does not last very long. Radiance has a bit of a fruity appeal to it.

Oriental Scent

Oriental perfumes have mostly amber and spice scents that are often used as the base note. The scents can be deep, strong, and often overpowering if other ingredients are not in the combination.

Aquatic and Sporty Scents

Aquatic scents smell fresh and mild. Usually manufacturers combine them with fruity scents and often have ingredients such as cucumbers and melon. Most aquatic perfumes have a feminine appeal.

How to Buy

Once you have decided to get the Radiance fragrance , it is time to find affordable bottles to purchase. There are a number of ways to find good sales and one is to visit the eBay Deals page to see if there are any discounted listings. Next see what some of the sellers on eBay have to offer. Many of them are competing for your business so they list their products cheaper than a shop would. Begin your search with entering "Radiance fragrance" into the search bar found on every page. Find free postage offers and consider buying a larger bottle if the overall cost per amount of perfume is lower. Lastly, read the product description to see if the bottle is brand new or if someone used some of it.

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