How to Find Deals on Wrist Watch Parts

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How to Find Deals on Wrist Watch Parts

Watches are functional as timepieces, but they can also be stylish accessories, much like jewellery. Thus, wrist watches are important essentials for many people. Although wrist watches are quite small, they do have numerous parts, each one of which can break at some point. Fortunately, these parts are replaceable, and fixing a watch is possible, even at home, if necessary tools are at hand. It is possible to look for adeal on a watch or wrist watch parts either in high street stores or on sites such as eBay. Before shopping, it is a good idea to get to know the different parts and their functions.

Common Wrist Watch Parts

Every wrist watch contains numerous parts and before buying any of these it is necessary to know a thing or two about them. The main parts of wrist watches are the movement, dial, hands, crystal, band, and bezels and inserts.

Wrist Watch Movement

The movement is the internal mechanism on the wrist watch that keeps it going. It also moves the watch's hands and displays the date if the watch has a calendar function included. A mechanical movement contains moving parts and requires regular winding, while an automatic movement is similar, but is self-winding. Both are durable, although they are not the most precise way of timekeeping. Quartz movement works with a battery and quartz crystal. Watches with quartz movement are both affordable and exact.

Wrist Watch Dial

The dial is the face of the watch, and this is where the hands link to the watch if it is an analogue model. Digital watches have a digital display and they show the time with digits, thus with no dial.

Wrist Watch Hands

The hands are the pointers on the dial. They indicate the time by pointing to the hours and minutes of the time of the day. The hands move in the namesake clockwise direction. The hands are quite small parts, so their material should be durable so that they do not break easily.

Wrist Watch Crystal

The crystal is the transparent glass cover that protects the dial and the hands or the digital display. Synthetic plastic is a cheaper option, but sapphire crystal is more resistant to scratching and shattering.

Wrist Watch Band

The watch band is the bracelet or strap that attaches the watch around the wearer's wrist. Sports watches usually come with rubber or silicon straps, while classic, elegant watches are more likely to feature titanium or stainless steel straps, the former lighter and more durable. Leather is yet another popular band material. As the bands are removable, it is easy to change them.

Wrist Watch Bezel Inserts

The bezel insert of a watch surrounds the face, or the dial, of the watch. Stainless steel, gold, or gold plate are common materials used. The bezel insert finishes the look of the watch and defines its style. The bezel should be of good quality because it holds the crystal in place.

Wrist Watch Batteries

Quartz watches require batteries, while mechanical watches need winding. On average, a watch battery lasts for about a year at least. The battery may be rechargeable, lithium, or alkaline. The type of the battery depends on the watch, and the battery details are often detailed on the back of the watch.

Finding Deals on Wrist Watch Parts

Both online and high street sellers offer wrist watch parts deals. The best prices may be hard to find at first, but with some effort, everyone should succeed.

Finding Online Deals

Finding an online deal starts with a simple Internet search that includes the name of the wrist watch part and possibly other keywords, such as "buy" or "deals". Specialised sites that offer watch parts, as well as larger online stores and sites, offer a vast range of parts for every need and taste. When browsing online, it is easy to compare prices from different websites and find the best price.

Finding High Street Deals

The quest for a high street deal can also start with an Internet search that shows where the relevant stores are located and may yield information about deals and sales. Wrist watch parts may be available in bigger supermarkets and shopping centres or from smaller watchmaker shops, where specialists also offer watch repair service. To find the best deals that are affordable and offer good quality, it is also worth asking friends and family for tips.

Comparison of Online and High Street Deals

Each of the ways of finding a deal, as described above, has its advantages and disadvantages. The following chart summarises them, describing the characteristics of each.


High Street Deals

Online Deals

Watch Part Location

Real stores, requiring a visit in person

Anywhere in the world, no visit necessary

Purchase Time

Finding can take time, but quick purchase

May have to wait for the delivery

Price Comparison

Comparison requires walking through several stores

Comparison easy, no need to go anywhere


Possible to see and touch before purchase

Possible to see when the item arrives

Choosing where to purchase wrist watch parts depends on available time and convenience. Someone who lives in a small town with no specialised watch stores nearby is likely to opt to search for Internet sites offering the parts, rather than making a trip to the nearest city.

How to Buy Wrist Watch Parts on eBay

On eBay, you can search for wrist watch parts by using the search box at the top of any eBay page. Sorting by price helps you to find the best deals, but you should also pay attention to deals from top-rated sellers, because they have received high ratings and positive feedback from other buyers on eBay and are thus known to be reliable. Know the parts of the wrist watch and what they are made of. Movements, dials, hands, bezels inserts, bands, and batteries are some of the watch parts commonly on sale. Before making any purchase, ensure that the particular part fits your watch by checking the detailed item listing.

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