How to Find a New Chainsaw on a Budget

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How to Find a New Chainsaw on a Budget

Although many consumers find chainsaws useful, not everyone uses a chainsaw very often. Some only use a chainsaw once a month or twice a year. Buyers with limited budgets or who hesitate to purchase a chainsaw as a large-ticket item need to understand certain things in order to maximise search for a new chainsaw. When looking for a new chainsaw on a limited budget, buyers need to decide if they want one of the big name brands or a lesser-known brand. They should also understand some key features including engine power, size, and type. Finally, buyers with a very limited budget must decide where to look for their new chainsaw. eBay offers good chainsaw choices for any buyer.

Brand Name or Not?

When looking for a chainsaw, buyers often find that there are four or five well-known brand names. Information on brands such as Stihl, Husqvarna, or Jonsered is readily available in online forums and reviews. These brands have a reputation for excellent quality. However, depending on the model, famous brands may not appeal to buyers on a budget. For example, a new Stihl chainsaw can run several hundreds of dollars. Jonsered and Husqvarna chainsaws have similar price points. It is still possible, however, to find deals on these brands, as long as buyers are happy with a lower powered engine or smaller chain bar.

There are many other brands of chainsaws that offer reasonable quality for a budget price. Poulan chainsaws are a good example of budget-friendly tools. Poulan offers consumer-quality chainsaws, including electric chainsaws, for a reasonable price. Ryobi chainsaws are another option for the budget-conscious consumers. Buyers should keep in mind that the well-known chainsaw brands tend to offer professional quality tools. Some people may find that they do not need heavy-duty use of a chainsaw and can find reasonable options with these brands and others.

Chainsaw Power

The main components of a chainsaw are the chain bar and the engine. Chainsaw manufacturers use cc, or cubic centimetres, to describe the engines. The larger the number, the more powerful the engine. A 58cc chainsaw engine, for example, is on the top end of the chainsaw power spectrum, particularly when considering that professional loggers generally use 70cc or greater engines.

Petrol Engine or Electric Motor?

There are two types of chainsaw engines: petrol-powered and electric. The petrol-powered motor uses a mixture of petrol and oil for fuel. The use of petrol allows for portability; users do not need to be anywhere near an electrical outlet for the chainsaw's engine to run. Petrol engines are also more powerful than electric ones. Consumers generally use petrol-powered chainsaws for large cutting jobs. On the other hand, petrol engines do require extra maintenance, including cleaning. Some of the more popular name brands, such as the Jonserd chainsaws, which are used in forestry work, offer only a very few if any electric chainsaws.

Electric chainsaws tend to be lighter in weight and have less maintenance required than petrol-powered chainsaws. However, electric chainsaws only work with an electrical cord or battery back, making them much less flexible. The motor is also considerably less powerful than a petrol engine, but the price of electric chainsaws is frequently lower than the price of petrol engine chainsaws. Electric chainsaws are less durable than petrol chainsaws, but are also perfectly sufficient for the homeowner who simple trims small trees and bushes.

Chain Bar Length

In addition to the decision over an electric or petrol chainsaw, the chain bar length is important. It dictates the size of the piece of wood that it cuts safely. In general, for safety purposes, the chain bar should be longer than the cut item. Buyers can find chainsaws of all types with chain bars in the 30 to 92 centimetre size range. Chainsaws with 30 centimetre chain bars are useful for small jobs such as general maintenance around a suburban home. On the other hand, consumers need a chainsaw with 92 centimetre chain bar to cut down items such as large tree trunks.

Other Features

In addition to chain bar length and engine size, buyers should consider the features of a chainsaw. Usually, extra features come with a higher cost, but also a higher safety level. The following are just some of the features of chainsaws of different types.



Anti-vibration buffer

Helps lessen vibrations caused by cutting wood

Quick start electronic ignition

Reduces energy for starting the chainsaw with a pull cord

Automatic chain-oiler

Lubricates the chain

Quick adjust chain

Allows user to make adjustments on the fly

Air filter access

Allows the user easier access to reduce maintenance time

Decompression valve

Makes for an easier start on the engine

Noise level

Certain levels require the operator to use ear protection

Chain break

Safety measure

These features and others can make a new chainsaw more comfortable and even safer to use. For example, chain breaks ensure that the chain on the saw stops smoothly and safely. On the other hand, a decompression valve on a chainsaw allows users to start the chainsaw engine more easily.

How to Buy a Chainsaw on eBay

eBay offers a wide variety of new chainsaws at good prices. To search for a new chainsaw, you can start by entering a general or more specific search terms. Phrases such as 'Ryobi electric chainsaw' narrow down the field immediately. On the other hand, if you are not ready to search for a specific brand or model, you could try entering a general search and then filtering by cost or newness. No matter what type of new budget chainsaw you choose to buy, you are certain to find a wealth of options on eBay and eBay Deals.

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