How to Find a Sectional Sofa on a Budget

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How to Find a Sectional Sofa on a Budget

A sectional sofa is more than just a seating place in the living room, because it offers multiple design opportunities. This type of sofa is modular, so one can arrange the pieces of the sofa according to specific needs and preferences. When requirements change, it is easy and convenient to remove or add parts of the sofa. If necessary, it is possible to transform one sofa into two or more smaller seating places. Several styles and covers, as well as modules, are available in furniture stores, as well as on online sites, such as eBay. When looking for a sofa on a budget, it is worth knowing some tricks that help to save money.

Features of Sectional Sofas

Sectional sofas have several features that buyers should consider as they shop. This is especially important in the case of a tight budget that has no room for error when it comes to choosing the right type of sofa. The main features are size, function, style (including the back of the sofa), and fabric.

Sectional Sofa Size

The size of the ideal sofa depends on the space available in the living room. It is therefore essential to measure the space before starting to browse for a sofa. As sectional sofas consist of pieces that people can arrange to their liking, there is some room to play with. Besides fitting into the room, the sofa should be in proportion with the rest of the furniture. With a sofa that is too small, there is a risk that the room may look too sparse, and there may not be enough practical seating places. A sofa that is too large can make the room feel crowded and may hinder freedom of movement. The size also relates to the location of the pieces of the modular sofa in the room. Fortunately, sectional sofas offer many arrangement options.

Sectional Sofa Function

A sectional sofa can either serve as a sleeping place or as a lounging area. A sofa bed is the best option when in need of a place to sleep, for example, for guests staying over. L-shaped couches that include a built-in chaise are extra-long seating areas that are perfect for lounging. Determining the specific function of the sofa is essential when looking at the types available, because the prices may vary.

Sectional Sofa Style

The living room's current interior design influences the style of sofa, as do personal tastes and preferences. Buying a sofa with the right style helps one to save money, because if one makes the right choice, there is no need to redesign or redecorate the room.

The style of the back of the sofa or sofa bed is yet another factor to consider. Loose pillow backs allow one to rearrange the pillows and wash them as necessary. Multi pillow backs include many cushions, but this can also mean that the sofa is rather deep and takes up more space. Tight backs have no detachable pillows and take up less space. Sofas with tight backs are also relatively easy to maintain, as the pillows always stay straight. Attached pillow backs are usually very soft and comfortable.

Sectional Sofa Fabric

The choice of fabric determines the sofa's durability, and some fabrics wear out more quickly than others. Durable upholstery, such as leather, is often a good choice for everyday use. However, leather can be rather impractical for people with pets, as the animals may scratch it and ruin the sofa. Families with young children generally require a sofa with a washable fabric that is easy to clean. The sofa colour depends on the overall style of the home and the stylistic function of the sofa. The sofa may be outstanding, with bold and large prints, or neutral, blending into the overall scheme.

Ways to Save on Price

There are two main ways to save money when buying a sectional sofa. Buying a sofa at a furniture outlet is one possibility. There is also the traditional method of approaching purchases on a budget, that is, buying things in used condition.

Buying a Sectional Sofa at an Outlet

Furniture outlets provide a great way to save money and get a beautiful and practical sectional sofa on a budget. The furniture at such establishments is generally new, and may have only been on view in the showroom. Outlet goods are generally leftovers from sales, and as people did not want the items when they were first on sale, the prices were dropped.

Buying a Sectional Sofa in Used Condition

Buying a sectional sofa in used condition is the most obvious way to fit a tight budget. Used sofas may be in very good condition if the previous owners have maintained them well and if pets, such as cats and dogs, have not ruined the furniture . Besides the covering, the underlying structure should also be in good condition and in working order. A used sofa may come without cushions, but it is possible to sew these at home or to buy them separately.

How to Buy a Sectional Sofa on eBay

You can find deals on sectional sofas on eBay, and can browse all the options by typing the relevant keywords into the search box at the top of any eBay page. You can also set the condition to "used" and sort the results by price to fit your budget. When buying a used sofa, check the photos to detect any defects, and contact the seller if you have any doubts. Match your interior design with the sofa in terms of colour and fabric, because you can save money if you do not have to change the design or the sofa. Determine the intended function of the sofa, and consider the area available in your home, to make sure that you select a sofa of the right size.

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