How to Find an Affordable Dell Laptop

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How to Find an Affordable Dell Laptop

Dell is a reliable and popular maker of laptops and notebooks. They cater to every need and taste, but like other electronics in the last few years price can be a concern for the buyer. It's vital to balance good value with good performance and reliability when looking for a Dell Laptop. The guide will help the buyer understand what makes a Dell Laptop affordable as well as how to purchase one on eBay.

The Types of Dell Laptops Available


An older but more basic laptop, this laptop has the specs to handle basic software and processing tasks. The screen size is 14inches, below the average size 15.6 inches. There are more recent Dell Inspiron laptops available with some of the latest specs.


The Dell Latitude is aimed for the business sector of use, the software is the same as the Inspiron laptops but the outerwear of the Latitude is made to be more sturdy and for long-term use.


The Dell Mini Series came out to meet the demand for low cost notebook style laptops.


The Dell Precision is the latest dock station laptop. A dock station laptop is ideal for those who need portability but also the same computer for work. A dock station simply needs a monitor to plug into and the laptop will continue to run its programmes even when the lid is shut.


The Dell Studio laptops are aimed at the mainstream market but can come with different coloured lids to appeal to different buyers. The Studio 14 has the smallest screen and the Studio 17 has the largest screen at 17 inches.


The Dell XPS (Xtreme Performance System), this range of laptops is Dell's gaming laptops. These laptops will be equipped with a range of specs to help make gaming a fast and responsive experience for the user.

Hints and Tips to Find an Affordable Dell Laptop.

The first way for a buyer to see what Dell laptop will suit their need and budget is to look at the potential usage of the laptop.

One handy way of reducing the price on a Dell laptop is to look at what functions the buyer will need exactly. By avoiding extra items such as branded speakers the overall price of the Dell laptop will come down significantly.

Another way to estimate affordability is for the buyer to do research on the Dell Laptop they are interested in. By understanding how the trend of prices works with Dell laptops and when new models are released, the previous models will become more affordable. The buyer can compare models and prices on search engines but eBay offers a unique platform to look at hundreds of Dell Laptops easily and by refining the results of the specs, the buyer can easily find the laptop they require.

When looking for a dell laptop, the buyer will have come across the basic facts and information they need to understand which type of dell laptop is right for their needs, the next step is to look at their usage.

  • Family Laptop : when looking for a family laptop, it will need to be sturdy and with enough memory to store multiple user's information on.
  • Work Laptop : a portable laptop which is sleek and powerful is ideal for those who are on the go and need to access their files quickly.
  • Travel Laptop : a portable but light laptop, it won't need to be the most powerful processor as the usage is generally light on a travel laptop.
  • Gaming Laptop : a gaming laptop will need good graphics and a powerful dual processor to deliver a great gaming experience for the user.

These four areas of use are the most common to be found, a buyer may have a good idea exactly what type of model they want but it is still worth asking when looking at a new Dell laptop if the model they are looking at is the right model for the buyer's needs.

How to Buy an Affordable Dell Laptop on eBay

Once the buyer has a rough idea of the laptop they might want, the next step is to start looking for one. eBay is the ideal place to look for an affordable laptop as the range of Dell laptops is second to none. The buyer should start on the eBay home page and start their search in one of the following ways:

  • Categories : This method of search works on the basis of reducing the listings down to certain specifications, such as screen size, processor power, type of laptop etc. The first category to look at is the Laptops, Notebooks.

· Keyword Search : the buyer can start on the eBay homepage, and enter a search term such as ‘Dell Laptop' or ‘ Dell Inspiron Mini Laptop.' Beneath the search bar are related search terms the buyer might be interested in. The buyer could also search for screen size and other attributes such as the exact make and model of laptop, for example Dell Precision M3800.'


Dell has been a long standing reliable brand; its computers are suited to a range of users and needs. Whether the buyer is looking for an affordable business laptop to suit their work life style, or a buyer is looking for a neat travel notebook, it can be found with ease on eBay. The bidding system on eBay allows a buyer to purchase a Dell Laptop at the right price to suit their budget. Finding a Dell Laptop is easy when the buyer knows what to look for.

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