How to Find fantastic bargains on Ebay

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Many people I know have asked me how I get such super deals on Ebay, so I have decided to share my own shopping on Ebay tips with everyone else, many experienced ebayers use these methods, but for new ebayers they may help you to find super hot bargains.

I always start my searches back to front. Once you are in the category you wish to find an item in, click to Newly listed items. This is where you find the Super Buy It Now bargains, that are generally sold before you get to see them at the items ending soonest section. This is particularly so when buying furniture. Many sellers have items they need to get rid of super fast and list them at crazy rock bottom buy it now prices. But, they sell quickly, so always check at this end. And, check out other sellers items, if they are selling one item at a rock bottom bargain price, chances are they are selling all their items at great prices. You also get to combine post in most cases, saving even more money.

I have found that new sellers are often the most likely to sell items below average price. Many new sellers are simply unaware of the average prices highly sought after items go for. So watch their items and grab your self a bargain.

Items that end on Saturday and Sunday mornings, Public holidays (particularly Christmas and Easter day) and very late at night, generally go for a bit less than other items too. Keep an eye on these items. I have also found that items ending around 9am and 3pm, have less bidders, particularly with items such as childrens clothing. After all, these are the times many mums, who are potential bidders, are out of the house picking up or dropping children to school.

So, always check newly listed items for buy it now bargains, keep an eye on items ending at irregular times, and try to combine post where possible. Postage costs really do add up and can take the fun out of bargain shopping. Good Luck in your search for Super Ebay bargains.

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