How to Fit Motorcycle Panniers

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How to Fit Motorcycle Panniers

Motorcycle panniers, or motorcycle saddlebags, are designed in hard and soft box versions. Soft motorcycle panniers are usually crafted from leather, and affix under the seat and hang on the side of the motorcycle. These bags are also attached to the frame of the motorcycle on the sides in order to ensure no dangerous movements are made by the bags during the motorcycle operations. In order to attach motorcycle panniers, they must be properly fitted and attached in the designated area as dictated by the type of pannier and the model of motorcycle.


Motorcycle Pannier Measurements

Motorcycle panniers come in a variety of sizes to accommodate many different sizes and styles of motorcycle. Hard motorcycle panniers fit and attach differently than soft panniers, but they all have the same basic sizing restrictions. Measuring the space the panniers will attach ensures that the proper clearance is maintained for safety and balance.

In order for a motorcycle pannier to be safe for the rider, it must fit correctly on the back of the bike. The length can be no longer than the space between the rider's seat and the back blinker. This is to ensure that it doesn't get in the driver's way while driving and so other motorists can see the blinkers while the motorcycle is in operation. Additionally, the panniers must fit in the space between the seat and the pipes with a 2.5-centimetre clearance at the bottom. This clearance ensures that the panniers do not become overheated while the bike is in operation. Neglecting this can cause the pannier to catch fire and endanger the bike, rider, and passengers.


Attaching a Motorcycle Pannier

Motorcycle accessories such as panniers come in hard and soft varieties. Each style has a different method of attachment, and care needs to be taken in order to ensure safety during operation.

Soft Pannier Attachment

In order to mount a soft pannier, the seat must be removed. Bolts on the front and rear of the seat must be removed, and then the seat can come up. Next, the panniers can be placed on each side of the motorcycle, making sure there is a 2.5-centimetre clearance above exhaust pipes on each side of the bike. The panniers have a laced strap between the two sides. If the sides are too long, then this strap needs to be re-laced so the 2.5-centimetre clearance is available on each side. After ensuring the length is correct on both sides, the pannier is bolted down with the hardware provided under the seat, and the seat is reattached using the bolts in the front and back of the seat. Finally, the panniers are attached to the side of the motorcycle frame using the provided hardware and/or ties, ensuring a tight fit.

Hard Pannier Attachment

Hard panniers will have different hardware to attach to the motorcycle depending on the type of pannier and the model of motorcycle. Installing hard panniers usually requires attaching a frame to the motorcycle, which can be time consuming. This frame needs to be matched exactly to the make and the model of the motorcycle; otherwise, clearance requirements and hardware may not fit.


Buying Motorcycle Panniers on eBay

Sellers on eBay offer a variety of panniers for motorcycles, in both hard and soft varieties. Searching 'motorcycle pannier' will provide a number of options of style, size, and other options that are important to cyclists. While searching for motorcycle panniers, making your purchase from an authorised seller is the best way to ensure the best value for your money. Authorised sellers will have higher feedback ratings, which you can use to select the best seller between sellers offering the same product. This feedback is a great way to determine if product quality and shipping is up to the standards you require.

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