How to Fit a Baby Car Seat

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How to Fit a Baby Car Seat

New parents have plenty of things to worry about when it comes to their new little bundle of joy. Safety is at the top of that list, so it is important to choose the proper baby car seat. That is not always so simple though, since there are so many sizes and styles available. After learning about and selecting the best-fitting seat, parents then have to figure out the correct way to install and use that seat to ensure that their babies are safe while travelling.


Car Seat Laws

Car seat laws are the same throughout Australia. According to the car seat laws, children should be moved up to the next appropriate seat once they outgrow the seat they are currently in, depending on a child's height and weight. There are also laws that pertain to seat belt use. Children under 4 years old must use seats that are restrained using both the top tethers and the seat belts.

When a child safety seat is purchased, it should have a label attached that includes height and weight guidelines. A child should not be placed in a car seat if he or she does not fit both the height and weight requirements.


Car Seat Types

An infant car seat carrier features a carrying handle and is easy to install and remove from the car, which is extremely convenient when the baby falls asleep while driving. Many even come with a base that stays in the car after it is installed. Then, the seat simply locks into the base, preventing parents from having to strap the seat in each time. Travel systems combine an infant car seat with a stroller base for the parent's convenience.

A convertible car seat can often be used rear-facing or forward-facing, depending on the age of the child. Plus, many types of convertible car seats work for children from birth to 4 years, making it versatile.

A booster seat gives older children a bit more freedom of movement while still keeping them safe and secure. There are high-back booster seats with and without a harness, as well as no-back booster seats.


Installation and Use

Before using any child safety seat, it is very important to read the entire instruction manual that comes with the seat, to ensure it is being used properly. Put the car seat in the back seat of the vehicle and follow the manufacturer's instructions completely. After installing, make sure it is secure and cannot move from side-to-side.

When placing a child in the car seat, the harness must be positioned correctly. Harness straps must lie flat, without being twisted. The tops of the straps should rest just above the child's shoulders, and chest clips should be at armpit level. When using a booster seat with an adult seat belt, the lap belt should fit snugly across the child's upper thighs, and the shoulder belt goes across the chest.


How to Buy a Baby Car Seat on eBay

You will find a large selection of baby car seats from reliable sellers on eBay. Just enter the type of child safety seat you are looking for into the search bar, whether it is an infant car seat, a convertible car seat, or a booster seat. Then, browse the seats that are available. You can shop by brand, such as Safe-n-Sound, Chicco, Safety First, PegPerego, or Steelcraft, or do a search based on the features you are looking for, such as twist-free straps, size, or recline adjustments. You can choose the seat that matches your needs and have it shipped to your home.

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