How to Fit a Cycling Jersey

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How to Fit a Cycling Jersey

Buying clothing for physical activities can be tough. Sometimes, confusing sizing and lack of expertise can lead a buyer astray when it comes to buying their next jersey or pair of shorts. Although cycling jerseys are not immune to this issue, if buyers have the appropriate knowledge, they can make a great cycling jersey purchase on their first try. Understanding differences in fit and performance is key to making the right purchasing decision. eBay presents a viable source for finding a suitable jersey.


Choosing the Right Fit

One of the most important decisions to make when choosing a cycling jersey is to decide on a fit. Though cycling jerseys, by design, usually offer a tight fit, certain brands also offer a slightly looser fit. Once the desired fit is selected, shoppers are on their way to having a great companion to their bicycle.

Loose Fit

Buyers looking for a more relaxed fit should look for what Performance Bike refers to as a club fit or recreational fit. Classic Cycling refers to this sort of fit as being very loose and offering a good deal of room in the ride position — the forward facing position familiar to road cyclists. They also point out that the brand Giordana refers to this fit as Super Fit and Hincapie brands this fit Club Cut. The advantages of this fit are comfort and familiarity. The fit of this sort of jersey will be more in line with the expectations of shoppers who want to ride in something that fits like a t-shirt. However, having the fabric of the jersey further from one's body makes the moisture wicking less effective and increases friction with the air.

Mid-range Fit

The mid-range fit is what Classic Cycling refers to as slightly more tailored with a small rear dip in the waistline. These jerseys still offer some room in the ride position, but less than a loose fit would offer. Giordana's Sport Jersey and Euro Jersey both fall into this category, with the former being slightly bigger than the latter. In the case of certain brands, like Castelli, shoppers might need to order a full size up in order to achieve this fit.

Form Fitting

Shoppers looking for a suitable jersey for competition or high-speed cycling would be best suited purchasing the most form-fitting jersey they are comfortable with. Jerseys in this category are sometimes described as Race Cut. In the case of brands that specialise in competitive jerseys, like Castelli, this is the default cut shoppers will encounter. This fit offers the greatest benefit in regards to moisture wicking and friction reduction.


Choosing the Right Brand

Reputable cycling jersey brands include Giordana, Hincapie, Castelli, Icebreaker, Rapha, Etxeondo, Adidas, and Nike. This list, however, is by no means exhaustive. Shoppers should focus on finding the right fit and carefully reviewing a jersey's features on their own merits.


Taking Proper Measurements

Shoppers must always take great care to take correct measurements when purchasing a cycling jersey. Cycling jerseys typically offer measurements in the chest and waist. Different brands use different sizing guidelines, so buyers should compare their measurements to brand sizing charts or item measurements.

To get a proper chest measurement, shoppers should measure across the fullest part of the chest just under the arms. To get a proper waist measurement, shoppers should measure around the narrowest part of the midsection.


How to Buy a Cycling Jersey on eBay

eBay sellers offer a wide variety of cycling jerseys. Rather than simply searching for cycling jerseys, focusing on a particular brand or fit that you have decided on can significantly curtail your search. For example, using the search phrase Adidas Cycling Jersey or Race Fit Cycling Jersey will produce results connected to the brand or fit you have decided on. Even after refining your search, checking the specifics of the jersey is crucial to making a purchasing decision. Make sure to double-check the measurements. With proper research, you can find a suitable cycling jersey.

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