How to Fix a Cracked Samsung Galaxy S3 Screen

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How to Fix a Cracked Samsung Galaxy S3 Screen

The Galaxy S3 is one of the most treasured crown jewels in Samsung's high-end smartphone lineup. Although this Android-powered flagship, smartphone's Gorilla Glass Super AMOLED touchscreen has received tremendous accolades from critics and users alike, it happens to be the most frequently replaced component requested by owners. The sturdy construction of the Galaxy S3's touchscreen does not mean it is immune to accidental damage. Fortunately, Galaxy S3 owners that no longer have the shade of warranty over them can liberate themselves by purchasing micro tools from eBay and following the troubleshooting guide.


Addressing the Screen Construction of the Galaxy S3

The unique construction of the Samsung Galaxy S3 offers a challenge that must be addressed appropriately by the reparation process owners opt for. The digitizer directly integrates with the LCD display as per Samsung's trademark Super AMOLED design. This means that the surface glass, digitizer, and LCD display are fused together. Hence, damage to one of the components would entail the replacement of the whole integrated touchscreen unit.

Luckily, purchasing an LCD/digitizer combo to compensate for the Galaxy S3's broken surface glass may not be necessary when employing the right tools and techniques to extract the damaged glass from the other components. Following the DIY screen replacement process without committing any errors will allow Galaxy S3 owners to save significantly. In fact, if the LCD display has sustained no damage whatsoever, then it is possible to replace the glass top on a small budget.


A Step-by-Step Guide to Replacing a Damaged Samsung Galaxy S3 Screen

Before embarking on the Samsung Galaxy S3 screen replacement procedure, owners must ensure they have the appropriate tools and materials at their disposal. These include a heat gun, replacement glass, cotton swabs, alcohol, a screen removal tool, and tweezers.

Step 1 

In case the Galaxy S3 does not have a protective screen, cut a screen-sized strip of packaging tape and stick it on top of the device screen so it is easier to extract the broken glass later.

Step 2 

Pry open the back case and remove the battery and SIM card.

Step 3 

Using an infrared thermometer heat the surface to 160-180 °C. This will loosen the glue but not damage the electronics.

With the help of a heat gun warmed up to 70-80°C, apply heat to the screen borders for approximately 3-5 minutes to slowly melt away the glue binding the glass to the frame and display. Ensure there is no overheating-related discolouration of the LCD display.

Step 4 

Apply the screen removal tool from top to bottom to the damaged glass edges in order to slowly isolate the glass from the unit.

Step 5 

Once the screen is separated, start ungluing the entire screen from top to bottom. Exercise caution while pulling out the glass when you reach the menu and return button cables at the bottom. Using a spudger, these buttons must be carefully detached from the inner side of the glass.

Step 6

Finally, remove the broken glass unit and ensure all broken fragments are picked out and thrown away with the help of tweezers. Save the tiny metallic piece attached to the old glass as it needs to be placed on the fresh screen.

Step 7

Wipe off any glue residue from the screen borders and then cut two even 1 mm pieces of sticker tape. Now glue them to the phone buttons to secure them in place

Step 8 

Apply lens-cleaning solution to some lint-free wipes and clean the digitizer with it, leaving it stainless and smudge-free.

Step 9

Without touching the inner side of the replacement screen, extract it from its plastic covering and carefully place the glass on top of your smartphone frame.

Step 10 

Peel away the paper from the sticker tape and place it on the replacement screen. Now keep it pressed against the edges to make sure the adhesive bond is secured.

Purchase a sturdy case to prevent any possible damage to your newly-repaired smartphone.


How to Buy a Samsung Galaxy S3 Screen on eBay

Apart from selling replacement screens, sellers found on eBay offer all the possible tools you may require to execute the screen reparation process on your Samsung Galaxy S3. Once you have finalised your shopping list, you can utilise targeted keywords in the search bar to get a comprehensive set of listings for the item you are looking for. For instance, inputting the term 'Samsung Galaxy S3 replacement screen' in the search bar will narrow your hunt for the key component needed to fix your damaged smartphone.

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