How to Get 100+ Positive Feedback in 7 Days? - 1 Hour!

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I read this auction with great interest, and wondered WHY someone would want 100+ Positive Feedback in 7 days.  First, I will tell you how to get 100+ Positive Feedback in 1 hour, for those that are in a hurry.

Purchase 150 ebooks, from 150 different Ebay sellers.  As fast as you can buy, PAY, and leave feedback, you should receive feedback.  Many ebook sellers have their feedback setup to automatically leave it, once you do.  Figuring that 2/3 of the ebook sellers are on automatic, this can be accomplished in an hour, or less, if you are fast!

OK-You stopped reading here and went and purchased 150 ebooks...Guess what!

Here are the problems you may enounter:
1.  If you leave feedback without receiving the may never receive it.
2.  My ebooks are plain text.  No viruses or surprises there.  Whew!  One safe purchase!
3.  However, you now have up to 150 ebooks, coming to you in a number of different formats, along with any possible number of different spyware, adware, links and virus goodies, at no additional charge.
3.  Did you buy ANYTHING you were even remotely interested in, or were you just after feedback?
4.  Did you take the time to read the feedback of any of the sellers, to see how long they have been on Ebay?  Do they only have feedback from sellers?  Have they sold on Ebay before now?
5.  Even if you just delete the ebooks, WHO did you just give your contact information to?  This includes your name, address, Ebay email address, Ebay ID, paypal email address, and in many cases your home phone number!
6.  Hopefully you have DSL and a HUGE email box.  If you are on dial-up...Oh No!

Yippee.  You have 100+ Positive Feedback, and it has been less than an hour.  Now what?

Your computer is filled with applets, your inbox is full, bulk mail folder is full, and your contact info is now in how many different countries?  All in an hour or less.

BEFORE you purchase ANYTHING, please look at the sellers feedback, and about Me page.  If you are buying something from them, see if they have feedback from sellers that have purchased similar priced items.  Be aware that not everyone is as honest as you are!

Ebooks really are a lot of fun, and I don't want to discourage you, just give you some things to consider.. Information in some of the ebooks are also found in the public domain such as the internet but you can find some very usful information in ebooks.

The 1c ebooks have always puzzled me why would someone bother selling an ebook for 1c?  Then the penny dropped, what if the 1c ebooks have spyware of adware attached? I would be very careful of the 1c ebooks as they possibly have spyware attached to the files. Once again I stress that I dont want to discourage you to buy ebooks, rather be careful who you trust on ebay.

Hopefully this guide will help you.  If you now have 100+ Positive Feedback, I hope you bought something you were interested in, and did not just buy feedback.  Good Luck on eBay, I hope we can do business.
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