How to Get Berry Stains out of White Clothes

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How to Get Berry Stains out of White Clothes

Berries make a delicious and nutritious snack, but they can also make a mess. It only takes one drip of blueberry or blackberry juice to ruin a favourite white dress, shirt, or pair of shorts. Fortunately, people do not need to stop eating juicy berries or throw their berry-stained clothing in the trash bin. To get berry stains out of white clothes, people need to know how to choose the best stain-removal method for the fabric.


Determine the Type of Fabric

Before attempting to remove a berry stain, individuals must determine the type of fabric they have, because the fibres of the fabric respond differently to chemicals and changes in temperature. Durable materials like linen and cotton fabric retain their shape in hot water, but rayon, wool, and acetate usually shrink in hot water. Most clothing labels indicate the type of fabric used to make the items, but owners who do not find the labels need to treat the clothing as though it is a delicate fabric.



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When working with blended fabrics, owners must follow the care instructions for the fabric that makes up the largest percent of the blend. If a fabric contains 30 percent polyester and 70 percent cotton, individuals should treat it as if it contains 100 percent cotton.


Evaluate the Stain

To determine the best method to remove the berry stain, individuals need to inspect the stain, so they know whether it is fresh or set within the fabric. If the stain is fresh, the fabric feels wet to the touch. When stains set, they dry and embed themselves in the fibres of the fabric. This makes them more difficult to remove.


Choose a Stain-Removal Method

Fresh berry stains generally need a soak in laundry detergent and a quick wash in the washing machine. If this does not remove the stain, individuals must turn to more drastic measures.

Boiling Water

If the stain is fresh and located on cotton or linen clothing, boiling water quickly removes the offending stain. To use this method, owners must pull the clothing taught over a bowl or bucket and secure it with rubber bands. Then holding the boiling water 1 metre above the fabric, they carefully pour boiling water on the stain.


Drying the stained garment in an electric dryer helps the pigment settle in the fabric's fibres, which makes it difficult to remove. Instead, individuals need to wash the item as usual and place it on a drying rack in the sun to dry. The sun's ultraviolet rays help eliminate traces of the stain as it dries the clothing.

Other Methods

Commercial stain removers contain enzymes to break down the stain, so owners have the ability to get rid of them during regular cleaning cycles. Unfortunately, some contain chemicals that irritate sensitive skin or damage some fabrics. As an alternative, individuals use undiluted lemon juice or distilled vinegar to remove the stain.


Additional Tips for Removing Berry Stains

Time and heat make it more difficult to remove stains from clothing. Whenever possible, people must clean the stained clothing as soon as possible. The stained garments also need to stay out of the dryer and away from the iron.

Although dabbing the stain with cool water and a sponge helps remove the berry juice, owners need to avoid rubbing the clothing. Rubbing damages the fabric and helps the stain set.


How to Buy Stain Removers on eBay

The next time a stain threatens to ruin your favourite white dress or shirt, turn to eBay. There you find a variety of stain-removal products and laundry accessories to keep your white clothing looking like new. Start your search by entering the stain remover you want to buy and review the results to see which listing best meets your needs. As you read the descriptions, look for deals such as bundles and lots that let you buy greater quantities of the laundry items, so that you always have some on hand when you need it.

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