How to Get a Shelby Super Snake

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How to Get a Shelby Super Snake

The original "Super Snake" is the 1967 Shelby Mustang GT500, capable of hitting over 600 horsepower with its V8 427 FE engine. The original cars are rare, though they do sometimes appear on eBay, and buyers lucked out with the introduction of the new GT500 from Ford and the Super Snake package by Shelby American. It is possible to get a car that hits 1,000 horsepower, but buyers have to purchase the base GT500 and then select to add the aftermarket "Super Snake" option from Shelby American, or purchase a car with the package already installed.


Shelby Super Snake Stats

By any measurement, the Super Snake is a true beast when it comes to automotive power. In the mid-2000s, Ford returned to the Mustang's roots and started offering vehicles with additional horsepower. This culminated in the re-release of the GT500, a vehicle Ford first developed with American automotive designer Carroll Shelby, who never met a car he did not want to supercharge. A comparison of the stats between the 2013 GT500 Super Snake vehicle and other 2013 Mustangs reveals its power.


2013 Model



V6 Mustang

V6 3.6L


Mustang GT

V8 5.0L


Boss 302 Mustang

V8 5.0L


Shelby GT500

V8 5.8L


Super Snake (Standard Package)

V8 5.8L


Super Snake (1000 HP Upgrade Package)

V8 5.8L



A base model Shelby GT500 has twice as much horsepower as the V6 Mustang and is far faster than the Mustang GT. The standard Super Snake offers almost three times as much horsepower as the V6.

Building a Beast

The Super Snake package is part of a collaboration between Ford and Shelby American. Buyers start out with a base GT500, although there are also packages available for the GT350, and then send the Mustang to Carroll Shelby's shop for some serious upgrades. The standard package creates a monster capable of spitting out 850 HP due to the addition of a Kenne Bell 3.6L supercharger. The package also upgrades the cooling, suspension, and transmission to handle all that extra power. It also comes with custom body parts that make the Super Snake really stand out from the pack.

For those who want the ultimate racing car, there is also the 1000 HP upgrade package, which does all of the work of the standard package but completely rebuilds the bottom portion of the engine and reinforces the car for serious horsepower.


Finding a Super Snake

There are two ways for buyers to get a Super Snake of their own. One is to buy the car and send it to Shelby American for the standard package upgrade. However, in the past Shelby limited the number of Super Snake upgrades they performed, only doing 500 for the 2013 Mustang model.

The other way to find this limited edition vehicle is to purchase it with the package already installed. It is an expensive buy since it includes the base price of the GT500 and the cost of the upgrade package. However, for those who know the power the Super Snake commands, it is well worth the asking price. In fact, it is surprisingly affordable for all that power under the bonnet, according to Car and Driver magazine.


How to Buy a Super Snake on eBay

GT500s with the Super Snake package already installed appear on eBay for purchase. These cars are either in new or used condition, which affects their asking price. However, even a used Super Snake is much more expensive than a new Mustang GT and requires a heavy investment on the buyer's end. The buyer should ask plenty of questions of the seller concerning the car's condition before committing to a purchase. For those lucky enough to find one, however, the Super Snake is a vehicle that blows away the competition when it comes to speed.

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